Trendspotting: Keychain charms

October 10, 2008

We were looking through keywords that people google us with, and noticed a lot of folks are looking for keychain charms.  Have you noticed these?

Rings & Things has some fun keychain charm ideas in our Design Gallery!  The latest addition is our Niagara Attachable Charm design, in the popular glue-on glass style:

Niagara attachable charm, a free design project from Rings & Things

Then there’s the seasonal (can I say ‘Halloweeny’?) / Goth / rocker Skeletor Zipper Pull:

Skeletor Zipper Pull design (image by Rings & Things)

There are more great jewelry projects in our Design Gallery, so go in and browse the ID Badges, Clips & Keyrings section!  It’s all 100% free, and many of the designs are handily linked to detailed Designer Tip Sheets that list the components and how to put them together.

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