Riddle: How can jewelry keep your fingers warm?!

November 18, 2008

How can jewelry keep your fingers warm? Here’s a hint: we’re not talking about rings or bracelets.

As the cold weather weather comes back,
one way to warm up those digits is to keep on crafting. Another way is to create something that people can use with mittens on. The best of both worlds is yours with zipper pulls!

You see this kind of jewelry “outer wear” less often than necklaces and other next-to-the-skin baubles. So you may be wondering, “What’s a zipper pull?”
Just as the name implies, this is a decorative accent that you clip onto your coat zipper, or zippers. The attachment is via a simple
swivel clip or
lobster claw clasp, decorated with any kind of
charms and
beads that strike your fancy. (Also, one of our employees swears by our
changeable-bead pendant as a zipper pull, even without adornments.)

These pulls add just enough of a handle for gloved or mittened hands to grab onto a zipper. This lets you snug up without freezing your fingers!

Rings & Things offers several fun free designs to get you zipping along. The one above is our ”
Spritely Seeker” zipper pull idea.
Below, check out our “Skeletor” zipper pull design:

Another design that you may find “fasten-ating” (sorry!) is our “Crock” zipper pull. It’s seen here from a distance to give you an idea how zipper accessories can really blend in with clothing:

Keep in mind that these and all zipper pulls also double very nicely as trendy keychain charms, so you’ve got a couple of angles for marketing your productions throughout the seasons.

These and many more great design ideas are always available for your free use in our Design Gallery. Zip on over and get those ideas, and fingers, in motion!

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