Gifts that won’t burn a hole in your wallet

December 2, 2008

Some like it hot. Not content to just string beads, some folks need to fire up a kiln to create metal-clay wonders. Some get their kicks with torches and lampworking. Others fuse glass.

You know that person. Reading the Rings & Things blog, there’s a good chance you are that person. But the rest of us are stuck with the burning question,
what’s the hot holiday present for one of these fiery types? To buy something special enough for a flameworker, will the old wallet wind up with a hole burned through it?
Rings & Things has a couple of new ideas to fuel your gift-giving.

On the lighter side (pardon the pun, and please don’t send any flame emails), we’ve introduced a cute new
license-plate frame for your special flame. Emblazoned with the slogan “Plays with FIRE”, this lightweight plastic frame is a fun personal statement, and advertisement, for the crafter.

Another great gift for the hot-blooded is our four new
Art Clay(TM) Silver kits. Each of these sets provides a great new way to apply designs to metal-clay pieces. There’s an
enameling kit:

For a more hands-off approach, there’s the
photopolymer stamp kit:

The silver overlay paste kit lets you add silver stencils and more to ceramic or glass:

And the UV resin kit lets you embellish metal-clay pieces with vibrant color in minutes:

So brighten up someone’s holidays, whether it’s with a car decoration or a kit for exploring a new silver-clay technique!

at Rings & Things

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