Growing your craft jewelry business (part 2): Newsletters

January 13, 2009

(Part 1: Books)

If you could have a mentor who would patiently guide your fledgling craft jewelry business, and not charge you a dime, wouldn’t you leap at the chance?

Well, there are experienced coaches out there who regularly give information away for free in their newsletters. All it takes is for you to click “Subscribe” at their websites,
and you’ll have email access to all kinds of insights for nurturing your little business.

One of these is Rena Klingenberg’s
Jewelry Business Success Newsletter.
A couple of times per month, Rena sends a potpourri of selected, focused tidbits. These include specific pointers on how to run your business, advice on how to remove stumbling blocks from your path,
and actual stories from jewelry makers about how they’ve grown their businesses. This newsletter is always worth reading.

A second great resource is the Jewelry Seller Newsletter
published by Dr. David Weiman. This is published weekly, and tends to feature one article that goes into quite a bit of depth on its topic. Other article links go to David’s website,
where he shares insights based on his unique combination of experience with jewelry and training as a psychologist. We never miss an issue!

For guidance that spans the basics of jewelry-making techniques and running a business, check out Christine Gieren’s
I’m Making Jewelry in My Jam Jams
newsletter for neat tips from this writer of the How to Make Jewelry Blog.

We’d also like to mention, a newer circular with a focus
on “women who’d rather work for themselves, than work for the man.” It’s a very digestible weekly that zooms in on one topic per issue, so it won’t eat up your valuable time.
For even more information, also download and listen to their podcasts!

As always, Rings & Things produces an
email newsletter you can subscribe to, supplied to you without charge every month.
Get the latest tips, hot product information, free projects and more from a trusted source.
(You can also read back issues of our newsletter.)

If you’re a more advanced crafter, or would like to become one, check out the highly respected
Orchid forum,
available as an email digest (like a newsletter) from Ganoksin.

Share your tips: what’s your favorite newsletter for craft jewelers? Post your reply below! 🙂

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    More ideas for growing your business: Rings & Things’ new craft business tips page! Visit & submit your own suggested tips, for possible inclusion with credit given to you!

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