Bodacious biker belt buckle

October 8, 2009

Our designer Evette sent me over an idea for a bicycle belt buckle that she made:

Tough enough for a biker :)

Tough enough for a biker, but made for a woman 🙂



  1. First heat belt buckle and then patina it.
  2. Use punch to make holes in the ornate plate & set in eyelets, hammer down and file, then patina.
  3. After patina dries on belt buckle, drop photo into the ornate plate, fill with resin & place belt buckle in desired spot so that it dries with the resin.
  4. After that dries, flip belt buckle over, level out and pour desired amount of resin (either over the entire ornate plate or just in the oval lip).

See how quick & easy it is to make hip jewelry!  (Above the hip, I guess.) 🙂

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