Bobby pins: favoriter & favoriter

June 24, 2010

A jewelry “basic” for years & years: bobby pins.

Several new colors of bobby pins: favoriter & favoriter.

Along with a bunch of brand-new platings to expand your design palette, another great thing about bobby pins is that they’re perfectly made for popular “gluing stuff on” styles.

Bobby pins with buttons glued on

Glue buttons, resin pieces, art glass, Vintaj components…anything that catches your eye and will make a pretty hair decoration…onto a bobby pin!

Make Vintaj bobby pin designs!

Oh, and the 5 new plating colors? Well, a picture tells the story instantly:

New bobby pin colors

Tip: while you’re browsing bobby pins in our online store, you’ll see big, useful chart of gluing tips.

Did you know?  Other ways to attach decorations to bobby pins include riveting (cold connections), sewing, or soft soldering.

* Update 6/25/10: I’ve received another photo showing all our bobby pin platings side by side.  Thanks Nory!

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