How I got my 60 minutes (a week) of fame!

June 25, 2010

Our friend Miranda graciously answered my request to hear how her bracelets wound up on the network TV show “Pretty Little Liars“.  It’s an interesting tale!

The artist: Miranda Ackerley

Thanks for your interest. It’s so exciting to share my 60 minutes of “fame” with others who are enthusiastic for me.

Well, for starters, after many years of making jewelry and being told I should sell my work, in December 2009 I finally had resources to do so.  I started with an Artfire account, which wasn’t as customizable as I wanted.  I had very few items listed there, but one was some peyote bands I had made 20 of for a client to give away for holiday presents.

MirandAck's "Pretty Little Liars" bracelet

Fast forward to a couple months later, actual business license and website, and I got an email/call out of the blue from a man claiming to be working on a TV show [Pretty Little Liars, on ABC Family] and came upon my site and  liked those bands.

Well, I had heard from a couple friends about scammers trying to get free product claiming your work would be seen by celebrities, etc. So I was indeed skeptical.  I googled him and got more info about the show and what he wanted.  It was REAL!

We talked about a few changes, he asked if I could get him a sample in 2 days.  Despite my hectic schedule I said sure.  I rushed to my friend Rose’s house to borrow some beads (thanks again, love you).  Got it made in the wee hours of the morning and overnighted it.

He showed it to the producers who loved it.  Then he asked if I could make several more…within DAYS!  Despite 12 hour days at my “real” job, very late nights, bleeding and cramping fingers and shoulders, I got them done.

It was a very long wait between April (when they were made) and the premiere on June 8th. And you can imagine how sad I was when I didn’t see them in the first episode.  But then I was elated to see them in several scenes, including their own flashback scene, in the 2nd episode. There will also be some plot involvement and further scenes with them.

The reaction has been astonishing.  People are so impressed, and it’s fun.  I love the fact that I can say I made something that 2.5 million (according to latest stats) have seen.

And I love the fact that I can say I got the job not so much because of the product itself, but because of my diligence, timeliness, and professional manner during all stages of the transaction.  That’s something I think is sometimes pushed aside in today’s more casual world.

You can see my work, and order your own custom items, including the Pretty Little Liars Bracelet at

Have another success story to share?  Leave a comment!

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