Square Peg – DIY Greek Leather Bracelet

April 1, 2013
Greek leather bracelet tutorial

I love this simple, sleek Greek leather bracelet by designer Mollie Valente. And I’m not the only one who appreciates this combination of simplicity and Greek leather — it is the most popular project on our site for the first 3 months of this year!

Greek leather bracelet tutorial

Greek leather bracelet – DIY

10mm SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal heart - Crystal Bronze Shade

crystal heart

Swarovski’s Crystal Bronze Shade (see all 79 shapes!) picks up and reflects the hues nearby, and even changes color depending on the intensity and type of light coming into it — it can look bronze, olive, or even a shimmering gray-blue.

This bracelet features four 7.5″ strands of supple olive-green Greek leather:

Olive green Greek leather

Olive green Greek leather

antiqued silver center-crimp tube with hook

with hook

antiqued silver center-crimp tube with loop

center-crimp tube with loop

Hold the 4 strands of Greek leather together with classic center-crimp tubes. To use center-crimp tubes, select a size slightly larger than your cord — for this bracelet, the 4.5mm inner diameter perfectly holds 4 pieces of round 2mm cord. Add a dab of flexible glue to the ends, and firmly crimp the center section of the tube with round-nose or narrow flat-nose pliers.

Use a hook on one end, and an eye (or loop) on the other end of the bracelet.

Hammered square drum bead

Hammered square drum bead

The square drum beads have a 5mm hole – great for heavy cord and multistrand designs. They are available in 4 plating colors, and a slightly smaller triangular shape too. A large 8mm round jump ring fits nicely around the bead, so you can hang charms, small pendants or beaded dangles.

Square Peg Greek Leather Bracelet Tutorial

Click image for full tutorial and parts list

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