Make Sparkling Wine Charms with Swarovski Beads

November 13, 2014

Swarovski crystal charms add panache to parties and family gatherings!

Holiday season is fast approaching, and with the holidays comes holiday parties … And of course wine, lots of wine! If you’re like me, this can lead to a common problem: wine glass confusion. Whose glass is whose? Well, don’t fret! There is a simple and shimmering solution: Swarovski wine charms! And whether you want to make a set for yourself, or give them as a gift to the host of the party, they are sure to add sparkle to your life!

I love the new arrow shape of Swarovski crystals! And they come in plenty of different colors to make multiple charms!

For these wine charms, I have chosen to use the new Swarovski crystal arrow shape, in an assortment of colors, with multicolored crystal bicone clusters. The objective, of course, is to make them all different. This way when you have a guest arrive, they can select their charm, attach it to their glass, and easily know which wine glass is theirs all night.

Three different colored wine charms, so everyone knows whose glass is whose!

As for the rings themselves, you have three options when it comes to making them. Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that the rings need to easily open and close, since they will be attached and removed from the stems of wine glasses.

Option 1: Ring-Sized Memory Wire

Option 1: Ring sized memory wire works great! Just cut it long enough to overlap about half way over. And make sure to use heavy duty wire cutters that are designed to cut through memory wire.

Option 2: 18-Gauge Wire

Option 2: Make your own rings using heavy wire. I recommend 18 gauge. I used the Wubbers jumbo round bail-making pliers to make a perfect circle. Use round nose and chain nose pliers to create a small hook and eye closure.

Option 3: Manipulating Hoops

Option 3: These 3/4-inch manipulating hoops are perfect for making wine charms! They come with a loop on one side, and a straight wire on the other side.

To use the manipulating hoops, simply make a 90 degree bend with chain-nose pliers so that they can be clasped closed.

Decorating Your Wine Charms
Now that you see how to make the rings themselves, it is time to decorate them! I used the following delicious “ingredients” to add my sparkle:

Swarovski Crystal Jams are Rings & Things Exclusive color mixes of crystal bicones. I used the Jams to add a lovely variety of colors to my charms.

For each charm, I used one Swarovski arrow bead and four 4mm bicones. I simply looped the bicones onto the silver-plated head pins, then added them to the eyepin and closed it. I strung my charmed eye pin through the arrow crystal and made a loop on the top by trimming the excess wire to about a 5mm and making a loop with my round-nose pliers.

One of the finished charms, ready to be strung onto one of our rings! Simple, sweet, and oh so sparkly!

Sweet little crystal clear and jewel tone wine charm! Just string that charm onto the wine ring, place on wine glass, and pour yourself some wine!

All six charms for the set that I made! Now no one has any excuse for sipping from your glass!

I would take the red one myself! Cheers!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this festive little post on wine charms! Basically the sky is the limit when it comes to these little glass customizers. Of course, as the wine starts to flow, people may not care which glass is theirs anyway! But either way, they are sparkly and sweet little gems to look at. I know what all my wine drinking friends will get for Christmas this year!

~ Tiffany White


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