Rustic Hammered Wire Wrapped Swarovski Crystal Ring

December 29, 2014

I love the look of hammered metal and sparkly Swarovski crystals together. When these new Swarovski crystal mini oval beads came out, I knew they would be perfect for a fun new ring project! I came up with two quick ring designs using the crystals and silver filled wire.

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DSCN5396 (1280x960)

The items you need for this project are a steel block, a ring mandrel, a ring sizer, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters, a metal filea ball pen hammer, 22 gauge round dead soft silver-filled wire, and 14 gauge round dead soft silver-filled wire. I also highly recommend ring bending pliers, though it can be done without. If you want to antique your wire work, then you will also want a patina solution and microfine sanding sponges.


>>Swirly Hammered Ring <<

To make the hammered swirly ring, follow these directions below!

Using the 14 gauge wire, wrap around the ring mandrel where you want the size to be. Use a ring sizer to know what size of ring you need.

You want to cut the wire so that there is about a quarter inch hanging off one end of the mandrel and 3/4 inch off the other end, with the size you want in the middle. Make sure the wire is snug on the size you want.

Take the ring off the mandrel, and using your round nose pliers, make a small loop on the shorter end.

Do the same thing on the other side of the ring, but this time make the loop bigger.

Slip it back on the mandrel to make sure that the sizing still seems on point.

Straighten the wire to prepare to hammer.

Hammer the swirls on each side flat with side of the ball pen hammer first to create a flat surface.

Then use the ball side of the ball pen hammer to make a hammered texture on the swirls.

Bend the ring back around the ring mandrel, making sure it fits over the size you want. Ring bending pliers are a great tool to help with this!

Choose your focal bead. You can choose any bead around 8mm to 12mm in size. These Swarovski crystal oval beads work great! Plus they come in most birthstones!

Use 22 gauge wire to attach the focal bead to the ring band. I am using silver filled wire, because it is more affordable than sterling silver, but it antiques and behaves like sterling.

Make 4 or 5 coils on one side to attach the 22 gauge wire. Make sure the cut edge is on the outside of the ring band, and pinched flush to the band. Use your chain nose pliers to do this.

String on your bead. This is a silver night Swarovski oval bead.

Attach the bead to the other side of the ring band with more coils. I ended up making like 6 coils on the other side. Again, cut the wire on the front of the band and squeeze flush with your chain nose pliers.

Completed ring! You may need to file or sand any rough spots. Also, I antiqued this ring later (see pictures at bottom of blog) using liver of sulfur gel and polished it with polishing pads. You can leave is shiny or antique it. I just like the antiqued look better.

>>Double Wrap Hammered Ring <<

You can also make a double wrap hammered ring. This one has a cleaner, more modern look. You will need the same tools as above for the swirly one. To make this one, follow the steps below. 

Using your ring mandrel and 14 gauge silver filled wire, wrap the wire around twice, so there are two wraps in the back, and 3 where the wire overlaps in the front. You want there to be about 3/4 inch of over lap.

Make sure that the size you want the ring to end up at is in the center of the ring.

Remove the wire from the mandrel and hammer the wire flat with the flat side of your ball pen hammer. I hammer it extra on the edges, so it fans out a bit.

File the edges smooth with a metal file.

Reshape the wire around your mandrel. The ring bending pliers are great at helping make this process easier.

Attach the 22 gauge wire to the ring band by making 4-5 coils and pinching the wire with your chain nose pliers.

Just like on the other ring, place the bead on the wire, and secure with more coils on the opposite side.

Both completed rings! I antiqued these with liver of sulfur gel and polished them with microfine sanding sponges.

Well, I hope that inspired you to play around with some ring designs! Feel free to ask me any questions on how to create these rings! Also, check out these ring projects below for more ideas!


Square Rose Ring Tutorial by Valorie Nygaard-Pouzar.

Yorick’s Last Laugh Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial by Amy Mickelson




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  • Reply Sheila January 4, 2015 at 10:03 am

    Nice Ring tutorial.
    Thank you!
    (may also enlarge the pattern shape to adorn a decorative vase )
    Happy 2015!

  • Reply Jill January 8, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks for showing us this design. So nice can’t wait to make it very clear instructions.

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