DIY: Funky Bohemian Turquoise Spike Jewelry Set

February 3, 2015


I love the look of turquoise! I always have. It is very bohemian and hippie chic. Recently, while watching The Bachelor (we all have our guilty pleasures) I noticed that one of the girls was wearing jewelry containing the very turquoise magnesite spikes that we carry at Rings & Things! So I decided to make my own copycat version of her designer jewelry. It was super easy!

Funky Bohemian Turquoise Spike Jewelry Set

You just need some basic tools (I used a travel tool kit, since I made this while on vacation!) and a few items to create this look.

Everything you need!

» Supplies and Tools Needed «

Now follow these simple steps below!

Cut three pieces of wire six inches in length.

Use your round nose pliers to make a loop at the end of one of the pieces of wire.

Make a wrapped loop by coiling the wire down 4 times. You can use your fingers to do this or your chain nose pliers.

Cut the wire with your flush cutters.

After you cut it, there is always a small piece that sticks out. Use your chain nose pliers to pinch the wire flush.

Repeat this with all three pieces of wire.

Add beads to the wire. The earrings have three spikes each and the necklace has six spikes.

Use your round nose pliers to make a wrapped loop on the other side the beads.

Try to make the other side match.

Use your chain nose pliers to tuck the wire down so that it is flush.

Repeat the process until you have done it for all three pieces, the necklace and earrings.

Now it’s time to antique the copper! I made this piece while traveling, so I have a small bottle of Novacan Black I made from my big bottle at home.


Dip the copper parts into the Novacan Black solution. It will turn the metal black.

After you antique all the copper, rinse it off with water and pat it dry with a paper towel.

Use the polishing pads to remove the top layer of the patina. It will make the wire wrapping really stand out.

Repeat the polishing on all three pieces.

For the earrings, add 5 links of chain to each side. This particular chain is my favorite! The links are unsoldered and will open and close with your chain nose pliers.

To finish each earrings, add one more link of the chain. In that link, place the ends of both chain pieces, as well as your niobium earring wires.

Completed earring! I love these!

Now that your earrings are complete, you just need to finish your necklace.

To finish the necklace, add the chain to the pendant. I like this necklace long, at 30 inches. Because it is so long, there is no need for a clasp. If you want it shorter, like 18 inches, you can add an antique copper clasp on the back.

Perfect beach accessories!

Well, I hope you liked this project! If you want some other turquoise bracelet designs to go with this one, check out these projects below! ~Tiffany 


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