Santorini Blue and Silver Cross Earrings featuring Swarovski Greek Cross Pendants

February 13, 2015

I am kind of a nut for Swarovski crystals! Whenever they launch new products I am the first in line to see! At Rings & Things, we recently started carrying their new Greek Cross Pendants. When I realized they came in my favorite color, Bermuda Blue, I was sold! They are so pretty!

Handmade Silver Hoops with Swarovski Greek Cross Pendants in Bermuda Blue

I wanted to make a pair of earrings with them that reminded me of the Greek Mediterranean, with the deep blues and stark white, and clean simple lines. I decided to use bright non-tarnish silver plated wire to create this look! Read below to see how I created these simple, yet stunning Swarovski earrings.

All the supplies and tools needed for these earrings!

Supplies and Tools needed:

The first thing you want to do is cut two pieces of 18 gauge silver plated wire at about 6 inches.

Use your ring mandrel to shape the hoops. You can make them small or large. I made mine at what is a size 7 1/2 on the mandrel. Use your chain nose pliers to pinch the wires tight together.

After you have pinched the two wire together, choose one wire to wrap around the other.

Wrap the wire around four times, while still on the ring mandrel. Keeping your hoop on the mandrel makes it easier to wrap without losing the shape. Clip the excess wire after you’ve wrapped it around the other wire four times.

After you clip the wire, use your chain-nose pliers to pinch the wire flush.

Clip the other wire about 1/2 an inch up and use your round nose pliers to make a loop.

Do this twice, so you have two hoops that match. Also, if you want your hoops to be nice and round, place them back on the ring mandrel and pull them down as much as you can. This will ensure they are very round.

To wrap the pendants we are going to move to 20 gauge non-tarnish silver plated wire.

Cut a piece of the 20 gauge wire about 6 inches and string it through the crystal. You want the crystal to be in the center of the wire.

Use your chain nose pliers to pinch the two side of the wire flush at the top of the crystal.

Wrap one piece of wire around the other 3 times.

Clip the wire and tuck it with your chain nose pliers.

Make a loop with the other side of the wire using your round nose pliers.

Before wrapping the other piece of wire, attach the pendant to the hoops you made.

After you attach the pendants to the hoops, wrap the wire around the first coils you made. Clip the wire in the back and tuck it with your chain nose pliers.

Attach the earring wires and you’re done!

I hope you like these earrings! Feel free to ask me any questions you have on how to make them! Check out all the Swarovski Spring / Summer 2016 items we are carrying! They are so sparkly and pretty! Here are a couple of my favorites below! ~Tiffany

Swarovski Heart Pavé Pendants They look so sweet hung on sterling silver chains!

New launch

See all the new Swarovski items here!














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