Planet Earth Earrings

March 24, 2015

Earth Day is just around the corner! And the timing couldn’t be better! We just got in the new TierraCast Earth Buttons and I thought some planet Earth earrings would be perfect! Check out below how easy these earrings are to make!

All the supplies needed to make these earrings!

Supplies to make these earrings:

Additional Tools Needed:

String a faceted green hematite rondelle then an African Jade round onto each headpin. You will want 9 for each earring.

Using your round nose pliers, make a loop on your first headpin about 2-3mm above the top of the jade bead.

Wrap the headpin down from the loop towards the bead. You want to wrap it a few times.

Wrap all the headpins for both earrings.

Clip the excess wire from each headpin.

Tuck any tail of wire with your chain nose pliers so it is flush.

This is how the layout of the earrings will be. Earth buttons at the top, cascading African Jade and hematite clusters below.

Using a metal hole punch, punch a hole at the top and bottom of the Earth button. Basically you are making a hole at the north and south pole. The metal is soft, so the hand-held punch will work will.

Buttons with both holes punched.

Add a jump ring to the bottom with two of the beaded headpins.

Add another jump ring and place two more beaded headpins.

Add another jump ring, and two more beaded headpins, growing your cluster longer.

Add a forth jump ring and two more beaded head pins.

Add the last jump ring and beaded headpin. The last one will only have one instead of two, so that it comes to a point.

Add earring wires to the top of the earrings. All done!

Well I hope you liked this very worldly earring project! I thought the green stones would perfectly exemplify the earthy feel I was trying to obtain! For more earthy designs, check out these below!  ~Tiffany














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