Niobium Earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Rings

April 24, 2015

I love niobium! If you’ve never used niobium jewelry findings, then you are missing out! Niobium is a very hypoallergenic metal that is great to use in your jewelry designs when you have customers that have metal sensitivities.  It is a pure metal, not an alloy, so it contains no nickel, copper, or any other additives. It is also not plated. To create different colors, niobium is anodized which doesn’t affect its hypoallergenic qualities! Anodized colors of niobium can match all types of different jewelry designs. I personally love the bronze-colored niobium findings. I like using the bronze color with my antique brass and copper designs. I’ve assembled a couple pair or earrings below, to show you a quick fun way to use niobium earring wires.

Niobium earring with Swarovski Cosmic Rings


The two earring designs below are easy to recreate. They use antique brass charms, Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Rings, brass jump rings, and niobium bronze-colored earring wires.

DSCN7068 (1280x960)

Exact parts used:

Steps to make these earrings

1. Place a jump ring on all the charms.

2. Connect each charm to a Swarovski Cosmic Ring with two jump rings (for added security).

3. Add two more jump rings to the top of each Swarovski Cosmic Ring.

4. Use another jump ring to connect the niobium earring wires to the jump rings.

5. Completed earrings! With hypoallergenic niobium earring wires!

I hope you liked these fun niobium earring projects! I just love how they turned out and how easy they were to make. For more information on niobium, check out this quick video below. Thanks!

Keep on creating!




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