Gold Filled Tassel and Hoop Earrings featuring Swarovski Edelweiss Pendants

May 14, 2015

Every year I anticipate the new Swarovski launch! I get so excited to see what new shapes and colors they will unveil! The newest launch featured Swarovski pendants in the shape of the beautiful Edelweiss flower. I just adore them! I decided I needed to make a pair that combined the aquamarine color with gold filled hoops and gold-filled chain. I love the way that these turned out! See how to make them below.

All the supplies you need for these earrings!

Supplies Needed:


Follow these easy instructions

Attach one of the larger gold-filled jump rings to the Swarovski pendants.

Attach the pendants to the gold filled hoops.

Use another large gold-filled jump ring to connect the earring wires.

Cut the chain into segments for the tassels. You will want four three-link chain segments, four five-link chain segments, and two seven-link chain segments. Use your wire cutters to cut the segments.

Place the turquoise Swarovski bicones onto the gold-filled headpins.

Here you see all the different elements of the earrings that are going to come together for the completed project!

Using your round nose pliers, make a loop at the end of each headpin.

Wrap down the length of the headpin making coils that go to the bicone.

Clip the excess wire with your side cutters.

Tuck any tail end of wire with your chain nose pliers.

Using the smaller gold-filled jump rings, connect all the bicones to the chain segments. Then lay them out under the hoops how they will go.

Do this for both earrings.

Attach all the chain segments with the other small gold filled jump rings to complete the earrings! So much sparkle!

Well, I hope you loved this project as much as me! I can’t wait to make something out of the other new Swarovski shape, the Infinity pendant! Check back soon to see what I make! ~Tiffany

Check out the whole new Swarovski launch too!


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