Swarovski Crystal Prism Necklace

July 7, 2015

I recently discovered these Swarovski prisms! We have carried them at Rings & Things for years, but somehow I overlooked them. They are leaded glass crystal, so they are very sparkly and pick up all the colors of the rainbow! And, they are safe to wear in jewelry. This necklace combines 3 sizes of Swarovski prism spears on long antique brass chain. While it is a very simple project to recreate, the final result is anything but simple! It is quite fancy indeed! See how to make this project below!

Swarovski Crystal Spear Graduated Necklace

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed to make this necklace! Chain, wire, crystals, spacer beads and clasp!

Follow these easy steps below

Cut a piece of wire about a foot long. Then on one side make a wrapped loop with your round nose pliers.

Wrap the wire back on top of the other coils, to make a double layer of wrapped loops. I like to do this sometimes for a thicker wrapped loop.

Cut the excess wire and pinch it flush with your chain nose pliers.

Add an antique brass spacer bead and the smallest size of Swarovski crystal prism (the 40mm size).

Add another spacer bead and the next size or Swarovski crystal spear.

Add another spacer bead and the third and largest crystal. This is the 63mm size.

Now add another of the medium sized crystal spears with an antique brass spacer in between.

Add another spacer bead and the last and smallest crystal. Then add the last spacer bead.

Mirror image the wire wrapped loop on this side that you already did on the other side.

Clip the excess wire and tuck any tail that is hanging out with chain nose pliers.

Now time to add chain to our necklace!

Attach the chain to the pendant by prying open the chain link with your chain nose pliers.

Attach the other side of the chain segment on the other side of the pendant. Then open the chain in the center back, and add a lobster clasp. I made the necklace 18 inches around, so my chain segment was about 15 inches long. You can choose whatever length you like.

I wanted to make this necklace with the option to wear it long as well, so I made an extender. This is really easy to do. Just take an extra segment of chain and add an additional lobster clasp to one end. I made the extra segment about a foot long. Then when I add it to the back of the necklace, the necklace is about 30 inches in length.

With the chain extender on the back, it makes for a nice long necklace. It hits just below the bust.

The crystals sparkle in the sunlight! I love this completed necklace!

Well I hope you enjoyed this Swarovski crystal prism project! We have a pretty large selection of different Swarovski crystal prisms to choose from, whether you prefer the spear shape or a faceted pear shape! Whatever you choose, with Swarovski you are sure to have a beautiful sparkly piece of jewelry! ~Tiffany



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