Green Patina Floral Copper Cuff

July 21, 2015

I love making my own cuff bracelets. It is really quite easy and there are so many option! The copper strips come in a package of six and are 6 inches by 1 inch, the perfect size. You can hammer them, stamp them, rivet on them, patina them. The possibilities are endless! I decided I wanted to make some that had a country chic look, floral and green. It was really fun, and quite easy! See below how.

For the metal working, all you need is these items (listed below).

The patinas and inks I used to color the metal.

Supplies and Tools:

Now follow these instructions below!

Tape the copper strips to the brass sheet metal using shipping tape.

Hammer the copper with your hammer on top of the steel block. You will want to hammer really hard, so that the design transfers to the copper.

Remove the copper from the brass sheet metal. See how the design has transferred to the copper. It is not perfect, but that is okay. It is supposed to be kind of rustic!

File the ends of the copper strip round.

Use your bracelet bending pliers to shape the copper strip into a cuff.

It can take a little time to get the shape just right.

Dip the bracelet cuff in a liver of sulfur mixture. To use the liver of sulfur gel, mix a small amount with warm water. Dip the piece and allow the copper to blacken. It will only take a few seconds.

This is how the bracelet will look after you remove it from the liver of sulfur. Rinse it with water, and dry.

Sand the top layer of the patina off with a sanding sponge or steel wool.

Add Vintaj Patinas to the outside of the cuff.

Mix several colors if you like for your desired finish.

Using a paper towel, spread the color over the entire surface of the cuff.

Sand off the top layer of the color patina. The green will then be left in the indentations and make the design pop!

Now add the Adirandock Alcohol ink.

Use a paper towel or cotton ball to rub the alcohol ink on the entire surface.

Sand the surface one more time. The layers will make for a really deep, pretty finish.

Completed cuff! If you want, you can seal the bracelet with a clear metal sealer. I like the resin spray, because it dries very fast.

Floral Copper Green Patina Cuff Bracelet.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these country chic copper patina bracelets! I love how they turned out! The copper strips are a really great base for any bracelet project! ~Tiffany




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