Chocolate Pearl Cluster Earrings

September 21, 2015

As fall comes, I tend to want to wear darker jewelry and richer colors. So I decided I would make something with one of my all time favorites, chocolate freshwater pearls. These earrings are so easy, and only require 4 materials and basic hand tools to recreate! See how easy they are to make below!

All you need to make these earrings!

You only need 4 materials and some basic hand tools:

Now to assemble the earrings!

Place one pearl each onto several headpins. You will need 44 total, 22 per earring.

Use your round nose pliers to make loops at the top of the headpins. Then wrap the wire down towards the pearl.

This is what they look like after you wrap the wire down. Cut the wire using your wire cutter as close as possible to the bead. Use your chain nose pliers to tuck any tail that’s left.

Prepare all 44 of your wire wrapped pearls.

Add one pearl to a jump ring.

Add a second jump ring onto the first one, with two pearls on it.

Add a third jump ring with two more wire wrapped pearls. You always wanna make sure that when you add another jump ring, it is in the middle of two pearls.

Continue building the clusters.

DSCN8062 (1280x960)

Once each earring has 21 pearls, it’s time to add the earring wires. I like to add one more pearl onto the earring hook for a total of 22 pearls per earring.

Add the pearl onto the earring wire, then add the pearl clusters.

Close the loops on the earring hooks and you’re done!

Completed earrings!




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