DIY Aromatherapy Tassel Bracelet Tutorial

April 28, 2016
DIY aromatherapy bracelet tutorial main image

How-to Create a Custom Essential Oil Infused, Gemstone & Crystal Tassel Bracelet


This bracelet can be customized to include personal elements, represented by:

  • Gemstones and their properties (chakra, metaphysical, healing…)
  • Aromatherapy/essential oil blends and their uses (mosquito repellent, stress-relief, calming…)
  • Color intention and symbolism (harmony, strength, stability…)

Start by gathering your basic supplies.  We used:


Create a tassel using Suede Lace Cord.  Use Wire to gather the loops, pulling the tassel into the Cupola Cord End.  Wire wrap a stacked 8mm and 6mm Paradise Shine Bead.  Attach to the Heirloom Toggle.  Trim the cord ends.

trim tasselCut Soft Flex Wire to size.  String Red Creek Jasper Beads, 8mm Paradise Shine Beads, 6mm Paradise Shine Beads, Antique Silver Beads, Antique Brass Heishi Beads and Rudraksh Beads in a pattern of your choice.  Place the Chain Tassels near the Toggle.  Finish the ends using Crimp Tubes and Wire Guardians.


Using an essential oil, individually scent each Rudraksh Bead with a few drops.

Scent Bracelet

Refresh the scent as desired.


Enjoy your beautiful, scented bracelet!


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