How to Make Leverback Earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Stones

June 10, 2016

These eye-catching earrings have a lot going on visually, but really it takes just three jewelry parts and a little glue to make them.  And if you have never explored the use of glue in jewelry making, now is your chance.  Follow these steps to make a pair of sparkly earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal rivoli stones and glue-on leverback earring findings.


Swarovski crystal rivoli earrings and tassels; a jewelry-making tutorial from

It doesn’t take much to make these sparkly earrings; chain tassels, Swarovski crystal rivoli stones, and glue-on leverback earring findings. Oh, and a little 2-part epoxy.


You will need these supplies and tools:

Additional supplies:

  • cotton swab
  • acetone
  • disposable paper-plate work surface
  • tooth pick
  • styrofoam tray


How to glue Swarovski Crystal rivoli stones into a bezel setting

Prepare the jewelry parts for gluing. Use a cotton swab and a little acetone (the main ingredient in fingernail-polish remover) to clean the earring bezel settings and the crystal rivoli stones. The epoxy glue works best on clean surfaces.


How to glue Swarovski Crystal rivoli stones into a bezel setting

Use a piece of styrofoam to create a secure and level work surface for gluing the leverback earrings. I used a recycled styrofoam tray and poked holes to thread the earring clips through.


The perfect jewelry glue for crystals and metal findings.

Two-part epoxy glues are durable and safe for foil-back crystal; this makes them the perfect glue for use with Swarovski Crystal and glue-on metal findings. For more advice on jewelry glues and their uses, check out the Rings & Things free technique sheet, “Gluing Metal Findings 101“.


How to use jewelry glue- two part epoxy from Rings & Things.

To ensure the best results, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Two-part epoxies consist of a resin and a hardener. Start by dispensing equal amounts of each onto a disposable work surface.


How to mix jewelry glue 2 part epoxy for gluing glass and metal.

Use a disposable mixing tool, such as a dry toothpick to thoroughly mix the two parts of the epoxy together.


Using two part epoxy glue to make handmade jewelry

Add a small dollop of mixed epoxy glue to the bezel. Using the right amount of glue is part guesswork and part experience; you need enough epoxy to coat the back of the rivoli, but not so much that it oozes out of the bezel. Add the rivoli to the bezel and press in place. If needed, a cotton swab and acetone can be used to clean up epoxy overflow.


Allow the epoxy to dry and cure in a warm dry location.

Now wait. It is best to place the project in a dry, warm location to cure. It takes just a few hours for the epoxy to dry, but several more for it to fully cure. This time frame will vary depending on the type of epoxy you use; be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for cure time.


Rivoli Leverback Earrings are easy to assemble.

Once the epoxy has cured, it is time to assemble your earrings. Twist open the hanging loop on the chain tassel and add it to the U-shape base of the earring finding just behind the bezel. Twist the loop closed. Repeat to finish the second earring.


Free jewelry making tutorial for Swarovski rivoli earrings with tassels.

Eye catching and sparkling, your earrings are ready to enjoy.


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