Changeable charm: introducing Calypso™ beads

October 7, 2008

Like us, you’ve probably noticed the huge trend of European-style lampwork glass beads with a metal core, used in personalized charm bracelets. Also like us, you may have noticed the price tag, and wished for something that’s easier on the wallet. So…cue the music…we’re introducing Calypso beads exclusively from Rings & Things!

Calypso beads from Rings & Things: like Pandora/Troll beads, at a reasonable price

Perfect for custom charm bracelets, these colorful baubles are packed with personality. They’re imported directly by us. (They’re a Rings & Things exclusive.)

For glass beads, Calypso beads are on the larger side. They’re approximately 15x10mm, which means they’re a little over half an inch tall and a little less than half an inch thick.

Calypso beads are Chinese lampwork glass beads with a large sterling silver-lined hole. The hole size is from 4.4 to 4.6mm, or about 3/16 of an inch. That’s big enough to run almost any kind of stringing material or cording though, or even multiple strands. Here’s a sample bracelet using pink Calypso beads:

Calypso bead necklace idea from Rings & Things

Some of these beads have nice little lampwork bumps around the edge, while some are smooth all around. They sport a range of designs: flowers, stripes, polka dots, or petals.

Customize your designs with new Calypso beads — comparable to Pandora beads and Troll beads, but at a nice price!

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