Silk ribbon necklaces: how to finish the ends

June 10, 2011

Ever wanted to turn a pretty ribbon into a necklace, but weren’t sure how to make it wearable? Here are a few of our favorite methods for finishing the ends of
silk ribbons.

1. Add a clasp – any clasp!

Simply string large-hole spacer beads or jump rings, then one half of your clasp, onto one ribbon tail. Thread the tail back through the spacers/jump rings and tie a knot on the end. Slide the spacers/rings to adjust the necklace length. Mollie used a button and oval link to form the clasp on this sweet pea pod design, but you could any kind of clasp. You could also omit the spacers/rings and just tie the clasp to the ribbon for a non-adjustable design.

With the
jumbo lobster clasp, I just tied a loop on the opposite end instead of adding a ring.

2. Glue on necklace adjusters

Since the silk ribbon has tapered ends, Rita folded the ends over two times to make them fit securely into the
adjusters. She used
G-S Hypo Cement for a secure fabric-to-metal bond with no mess.

3. Bolo!

To create a bolo necklace, just connect a
bolo slide to the back of a pendant and slide it onto the ribbon. While Jaci titled her piece Sweet Lolita, I can’t help thinking of it as Bolo Betty. She designed it, so she wins of course.

4. Tube bead slider (not pictured)

Run both ends of the ribbon through a large-hole tube bead, running opposite directions or in the same direction: either way works. Tie knots on the ends, and add some embellishments if you like. Search our design gallery for “Mollie ribbon” to see Love Letters and Love in the Mist, both of which use this technique.

5. Just tie a bow!

Seems too obvious, right? Although it might feel “unfinished,” this method is comfortable, adjustable and it allows you to remove the pendant.

We’ll cover how to finish flat ribbon, like velvet, and round cording, like leather, in future blog posts. Let me know if you’d like tips for any other materials! ~ Cindy

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  • Georgie June 13, 2011 at 8:23 am

    What a lovely helpful tute!!..found this on twitter&shared;))

  • Tamara Robinette June 13, 2011 at 9:40 am

    What a great bunch of ideas! I’d love to see some of your thoughts on finishing necklaces made from organza ribbon. I also love making multi-strand necklaces using leather, silk cord, and organza, and anything else on hand, all in one, and would love to see fresh ideas on finishing mixed media necklaces as well.