Glass Bezels: Clearly show off your treasures!

April 27, 2012

I filled this glass bezel with sand, a sterling silver starfish, and a seashell trade bead. It’s a little ocean microcosm.

Glass bezels are great! You can make your own by using a bottle cutting tool from Delphi. This tool is also pretty handy to convert old wine bottles and beer bottles into drinking glasses and votive holders. Check out this video from Six in the Suburbs Blog to see how easy it is to cut glass bottles. However, if you aren’t quite ready to go down the path of cutting glass, we have a solution for you here at Rings & Things: Glass Bezels already made and ready to fill with all of your wonders!

The possibilities with these glass bezels are really endless. Because they are clear, you can use them as a frame with metal back or you can fill them with resin so that you can completely see through them. We have come up with several designs using them and I just love how they all turned out!

Glass Bezels used frames. Mollie made one with cute little heart locket and the other with an Our Lady of Guadalupe cameo.

This bezel was an experiment with UV Resin, not sure what it will end up becoming yet.

Mollie made this necklace by using a glass bezel as a frame to a little honeybee charm. She will be posting a blog entry soon on how to make this exact necklace!

A glass bezel used for a “blingy” ring on the left. The two bezels in the back Lindsey made using vintage images. The one on the right, Cindy used a torn piece of text from a novel to convey a message.

My completed “Under the Sea” glass bezel with a glue-on bail and silk ribbon

I also planned on making one with a real ant corpse, but started I crying when I tried to freeze the ant to cast in resin, and ended up releasing the ant into the grass to play in the sunshine. If I ever find an insect that has died of natural causes I may have to make a new pendant with an bug preserved in resin. Well, I hope I have inspired you to have fun with this new medium. ~~Tiffany

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  • Carolyn July 6, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Dear Tiffany:
    I’m so glad you released the ant. I like your idea of find a critter who died of natural causes.