Easy to Make Rubber Stamped Leather Bracelets

September 30, 2013
rubber stamped leather bracelets

Easy to Make Bracelets

With the holidays fast approaching, why not make some simple handmade gifts for friends and family?

Using rubber stamps and permanent ink pads, you can easily embellish ready-made leather bracelets to create fun and whimsical gifts in just a few minutes.

This DIY tutorial shows you how.

Supplies for DIY stamped leather bracelets

Gather your supplies

Gather your Supplies

You will need the following products and supplies:

Rubber Stamp Angel Policy

If you plan on selling your finished pieces, remember to check out the “angel policy” for the rubber stamps you choose. The manufacturer or stamp artist may have restrictions on using the stamped images on items created for sale.

Center the stamp on the leather bracelet

Plan your Layout

Plan your Design Layout

If you want a certain stamped image to appear in a certain location, like the center of the bracelet, you should plan your design layout.

Depending on the length of leather bracelet you choose, you can plan the layout directly on the bracelet.

Or use the bracelet as a template to trace its shape on paper. Trace several, so you can practice. This is helpful when determining the spacing needed between individual letter stamps when stamping words or names.

Stamp several times so the stamp picks up the ink.

Ink the Stamp

Stamp your Design

Place the rubber stamp on the ink pad and press down so the stamp picks up the ink. Repeat several times. Use plenty of ink for a dark image.

Place inked stamp over the leather bracelet

Center inked stamp over bracelet

Press the stamp down on the leather bracelet

Press the stamp firmly

Press the stamp firmly on the leather bracelet and hold for a few seconds. Then gently lift off the stamp.

Let the StazOn ink dry for several minutes

Allow the ink to dry

To prevent smudging, allow the ink to dry before stamping the next image. It takes about 3-5 minutes for permanent ink to thoroughly dry, if you can wait that long.

Stamp another image onto the leather bracelet

Ink another rubber stamp and press it down on the leather

Use more StazOn ink for a darker image.

Different amounts of ink create a nice contrast

Use plenty of ink for a dark image. Less ink makes for a nice contrast. Or use several different colors of the StazOn ink for your design.

Leather bracelets and StazOn ink make fast and scarey projects.

An easy to make spooky gift

Fixing Mistakes

StazOn ink is permanent. If you make a mistake, you can remove the image with StazOn All Purpose Cleaner. But be cautious, as this cleaner is a solvent and will also remove the dye on the leather bracelet.

When you are finished, use the cleaner to remove the dried ink on the rubber stamps.

Since the StazOn ink is permanent, there is no need to apply a sealer to the bracelet.

Draw your own design on leather bracelets with Sharpies

Draw freehand designs with Sharpie permanent markers

Another fast way to make a bracelet is to draw your own design on the leather using Sharpie permanent marking pens.

DIY rubber stamped leather bracelets

These bracelets are great for all occasions from Halloween and Christmas to Queen for a Day.

With ready-made leather bracelets, StazOn ink pads, and your favorite rubber stamps, you can start making your handmade holiday gifts now.


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