Make Margarita Christmas Tree Earrings to Make Merry

November 19, 2013

When you hear the word “margarita,” you probably don’t think of Christmas trees … unless you’re a fan of Swarovski crystal margarita beads! Christmas tree earrings made from these sparkling beauties are one of the most popular Christmas jewelry projects around. Plus, these crystal charm designs are super easy to make! So, grab a tasty beverage and a friend or two and have a good time making margarita trees all evening.

Get ready for festivities with Christmas Tree earrings made of Swarovski margaritas!

Get ready for festivities with Christmas Tree earrings made of Swarovski margaritas!

The “branches” of these sweet tree designs are made with the 3700 Swarovski sew-on stone, also known as the margarita bead (or marguerite).

margarita variety

The margarita crystal is available at Rings & Things in up to 5 sizes, and various tree related colors

The colors in the above picture, clockwise from the top, are emerald, aurora borealis, fern green, dark moss green, and vitrail medium. These tend to be the most popular colors for making Christmas trees, but you can also make trees with clear crystal, peridot, and a variety of non-traditional colors.

Supplies needed to make 1 pair of basic Crystal Margarita Christmas Tree Earrings:

minimum tree components

You can buy margaritas, “star” beads, head pins, ea rwires, and tools at

Shown below is the basic tree made with the minimum components.

simple tree earrings from Rings & Things

These trees are made with just the minimum components and are cute and unobtrusive.

If you want a fancier tree, add a few more layers:

larger margarita tree components

These parts from Rings & Things will make a more lush margarita tree design.

To construct your margarita trees …

1. Decide if you want to include a tree trunk. If so, string a 4mm crystal cube OR bicone onto your head pin. If you’re using cubes, golden shadow, rose gold, or topaz are good colors for the trunk. If you’re using bicones, mocca, light colorado topaz, smoked topaz, and smoky quartz are good colors to choose from.

2. Decide on the number of layers for your tree (i.e. how tall it will be). Starting with your largest margarita bead, add one crystal margarita of each size to your head pin, in descending size order.

3. Decide how to top your tree. I usually use a 3mm xilion crystal bicone (article 5328) in a metallic or bright color.

larger margarita tree stack

This fuller margarita tree style includes two more “branches” and a “trunk”.

4. Finish off the top of each tree with a simple or wrapped loop.

larger margarita tree looped

This larger completed margarita tree design is ready to attach to an earwire.

5. Add one completed tree to each of your ear wires and you’re done!

finished large margarita tree

Larger Margarita tree earrings with components from

In addition to making fantastic earrings, Margarita Trees also make precious pendants and adorable additions to a gift wrap!

How do you like your margarita trees? Traditional? Bright and Shiny? Snow Covered? or even turned upside down to be an icicle?

~ Rita

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  • Stuart November 20, 2013 at 9:00 am

    They would difinitely make great Christmas novelty earrings, Sparkle they do, Emerald is such a beautiful colour. I challenge you to make Christmas pudding earrings! lol

    • Hutch November 22, 2013 at 2:10 pm

      Hi Stuart,
      Hmmm, I gave it some thought and can’t come up with a good christmas pudding design, but I’ll keep it in the back of my head, just in case I’m inspired. ~ Rita