Easy to Make Leather and Trade Bead Wrap Bracelet

September 17, 2014

Making a wrapped-leather bracelet doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time – this colorful African bead bracelet is proof of that. In fact, if you can string beads and tie a simple overhand knot, you can make the “Volta River” Wrap Bracelet.  It’s an easy afternoon project!

How to make a trade bead and Greek leather wrap bracelet from www.rings-things.com

“Volta River” Leather and Trade Bead Wrap Bracelet by designer Mollie Valente. Click here to buy the supplies to make this festive bracelet.

First, gather your supplies:

You will need Greek leather, glass trade beads, metal beads, and a metal button to make a trade bead and leather bracelet.

Supplies needed to make the “Volta River” Leather and Trade Bead Wrap Bracelet.

You’ll need the following components:


And just 2 tools:

Then follow these easy steps:

Make a trade bead and leather bracelet:  fold the leather cord in half and string two large-beads on the cord.

Step 1: Cut a length of leather; either use the suggested length of 36″ or adjust the length to your size needs. Fold the leather in half and string the button to the half-way point. String two aluminum cube beads onto both leather cord ends.


Easy to make glass bead and leather wrap bracelet; how to string beads on leather.

Step 2: Divide the leather cord strands and begin stringing glass trade beads onto one strand. String the beads in a random pattern, adding a Bali-style flower bead about every inch. If desired add a few trendy zigzag-shaped glass snake beads. Continue beading until the strand will wrap around your wrist twice. Repeat the random bead stringing with the second leather cord strand.


Beginning wrapped leather and trade bead bracelet tutorial from www.rings-things.com

Step 3. String both leather cord ends through two aluminum cube beads. The second aluminum cube bead should have a hole that will accommodate four pieces of leather.


DIY jewelry making tutorial:  how to make a leather and tradebead bracelet.

Step 4. Form a loop by stringing the leather cord ends back through the final aluminum cube bead. The loop should be larger than the button.


How to make an adjustable leather and glass trade bead wrap bracelet.

Step 5. With both leather cord ends together, tie an overhand knot. To finish, trim the cord ends about 1/2 inch from the knot.


A DIY jewelry making tutorial; easy to make adjustable leather wrap bracelet.

Step 6. To wear the bracelet, wrap both bead strands around your wrist twice, place the leather loop around the button, and pull the leather tail to tighten the loop.


Buy the supplies to make this bracelet now!

Get Inspired! For more African trade-bead jewelry tutorials, visit our Trade Beads Jewelry Design Gallery where supplies are ready for you to buy!

Trade bead and charm necklace tutorial from www.rings-things.com

“Sisters in Santa Fe” Necklace by designer Amy Mickelson. Just click the image for free printable instructions and parts ready for you to buy.

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