Multichain Bracelet Project

February 24, 2015

I love chain! The more the merrier! When I was assigned to make something new with chain recently, I had a project in mind instantly. I wanted to make a multichain bracelet, with several styles of chain in the same plating. You could certainly make this bracelet with all the same chain, or chains in different platings as well. It is also a great way to use up chain scraps, since you only need 6-7 inch segments of chain. To see how to make this bracelet, follow the easy instructions below.

To start this project gather all your supplies. I used 5 different styles of antique copper plated chain. I used rolo chain, curb chain, cable chain and even a cute little peanut chain. You will also need small 4.5mm jump rings, an antique copper toggle clasp, and an antique copper link to attach all the chain to. Additionally, you will need chain nose pliers and flush cutters to cut the chain.

Cut your first segment of chain. I measured it around my wrist so I knew it would fit. It came out to 6 1/2 inches. Once you cut the first piece, you can use it as a guide for cutting the other segments.

Continue cutting the chain segments until you have your desired amount of pieces. I ended up with 7 total segments on the finished bracelet.

Start attaching the chain segments to one of the links with the jump rings.

Attach all segments in the order you like.

After you have attached all the segments, you can go back and trim the chain on the other side if they happen to be a slightly different lengths.

Attach the other ends of the chain segments to another link. Make sure you keep them in order, so that the bracelet doesn’t get all twisted up.

Attach the links to your toggle clasp using jump rings. I doubled up on the jump rings so that it was extra secure.

Attach the other side of the toggle as well.

Completed bracelet!

If you want to make this bracelet into a necklace, simply cut a piece of chain to hang it from. Cut the chain about a foot long, and attach a second toggle clasp to the ends.

Now if you want to wear the bracelet as a necklace, just attach the loop of your bracelet toggle to the bar of your chain toggle. Attach the other toggle parts on the opposite side and ta-da!

Well I hope you enjoyed this fun chain project! If you like chain, check out some of these awesome chain tassel earring designs below!

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