5 Minute Earrings featuring Swarovski Urban Pendants

March 26, 2015

I am kind of a nut for Swarovski crystals. I anxiously wait for new colors and styles of crystals to come out! When they recently came out with these amazing Urban Pendants I was ecstatic! They have lots of fun, geometrical faceting. They are so lovely, you really don’t have to do much to make them into fun earrings!

Supplies needed for this project are minimal!

Tools and Supplies Needed:

Cut a piece of wire about a foot long and string it through the bead.

Use your chain nose pliers to clamp the wires together close against the bead.

Use your round nose pliers to make a loop with both pieces of wire about 3mm up from the top of the crystal.

Wrap the wires down until you get to the crystal. They will go around about 3 times.

Use your chain nose pliers to pinch the wires down so there is not a sharp edge.

Do the wire wrapping on both pendants. Now you just have to add earring hooks!

Add the earring wires and you are done! These are sure to get lots of compliments!

These earrings are so pretty! And seriously so easy to make. You are gonna wanna make them in all the pretty Swarovski colors! Happy jewelry making! ~Tiffany

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