DIY 4th of July Jewelry

June 18, 2018

It’s fun to wear something colorful and patriotic for Independence Day, but it’s hard to find good red, white and blue jewelry that isn’t tacky or cheaply made.

So … make your own! The key is to start with quality components, in nice, bright colors. Swarovski makes some of the purest and most reliable reds and blues, and has set the benchmark for sparkling crystal for over a century. The catch? They don’t always have the names you’d expect. Here are my favorites for the 4th of July:

siam: rich red swarovski crystal

Siam: a bold, rich, translucent red.

Light Siam: slightly lighter red than Siam, but still bold and rich.

clear Swarovski crystal rivoli

Clear Crystal: Clear Swarovski crystal is often backed with a silvery foil, giving it extra sparkle — perfect for watching fireworks!

sparkling white opal swarovski crystal

White Opal: A lovely semi-translucent milky white. It’s not available in as many shapes, but a little splash of shimmering white may be all you need!

sparkling sapphire blue Swarovski crystal rivoli

Sapphire Blue … need I say more?

Swarwovski Majestic blue crystal

Swarovski Majestic Blue crystal is an intense, pure blue, introduced by Swarovski in 2018,

siam (red), white and sparkling sapphire blue crystal bicone bead mix

One of my favorite crystal bead mixes combines brilliant reds, bright white, and sparkling blues all in one package: Independence Day Crystal Jam

Here are a few design options at a variety of price points.

This is my favorite pair of 4th of July earrings. They’re symmetrical without being identical, they POP with color, they’re long enough to swing and sway as you tilt your head to “oooh” and “aaah” at the fireworks, and they aren’t too heavy. Click here for instructions (with links to parts and tools).

DIY 4th of July Earrings made with Swarovski crystal

This next pair of earrings uses less-expensive components, and you’ll have plenty of red, white and blue crystal bicone beads left over for other projects. Plus, if you have metal allergies, you can use sterling silver ear wires in place of the silver plated ear wires. Or use drop-posts (earring posts with loop) if you don’t like French hook ear wires. Click here for instructions (with links to parts and tools).

DIY Independence Day Fireworks Earrings

The sterling silver Red, White and Blue bracelet is a bit of a splurge, so find some other occasions to wear it, too. Get an extra pack of jump rings, and you can trade different colors of charms in and out for different holidays. Take the sapphire blue charm off, and replace it with an emerald green rivoli for Christmas! When I made this bracelet for myself, I added a sterling silver martini charm after taking the photo. (Tip: Coat the rim of your real 4th of July martini glass with red and blue pop rocks, the perfect accompaniment to festive backyard 4th of July drinks!) Sterling silver bracelet instructions and parts.

DIY sterling silver red, white and blue crystal bracelet

Here is almost the the same bracelet with plated components instead. Just as much fun to wear! Instructions and parts for Red, White and Blue Sparklers Bracelet.

DIY red, white and blue sparklers bracelet

New to making jewelry? Feel free to post questions in the Comments section below — I’ll do my best to talk you through any parts that seem tricky. ~Polly

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