DIY Men's Jewelry

July 17, 2018

It’s been a while since we had an article on making jewelry for men. For me, it’s not easy to design jewelry for guys. I’ve made some jewelry for my husband over the years and I always get it back because I’ve accidentally added feminine touches (like a few tiny sparkly beads that I thought he wouldn’t notice…). To help make sure that doesn’t happen to you, I’m just going to share some of my favorite designs that OTHER people here at Rings & Things made!

This bracelet is my newest favorite:

The Dragonfire bracelet is created with 12mm round Lava Stone beads and 12mm Dragon Blood Jasper beads. We almost always have Lava Stone in a variety of sizes, but we can’t always get 12mm Dragon Blood Jasper. Lizardite and Kambaba Jasper are excellent alternatives. The beads are strung on size 6 (0.7mm) silk cord, which is wrapped onto 4-strand braided leather cord (this type of braided leather cord is normally used for Southwestern bolo ties). Complete parts and instructions for this bracelet are here.

One of our most popular blog articles is this tutorial by Tiffany: The Man Cuff: How to make a manly etched metal and leather cuff. Check it out and see why! (besides no sparklies… which is nearly as difficult for Tiffany as it is for me)

And then there are cuff links … sure, most guys only wear cuff links on their wedding day, but that’s a fairly important day, worthy of unique keepsake jewelry. This design idea uses an atlas / map page … which could of the spot where you met, or proposed, or the park where you’re going to get married! This “Off the Map” cuff link tutorial doesn’t require much jewelry-making knowledge — it just requires the ability to use scissors, and to carefully mix and pour epoxy resin.

Other shapes and tyles of cuff link blanks are also available.

And then of course, there is simple and classic:

This necklace would be even cooler if you carved the pendant yourself. But if you’re not into carving bone & horn into custom pendants, here’s a wide variety of carved bone & horn pendants to choose from!

How about an eagle necklace? This handpainted ceramic eagle is easy to turn into a simple necklace, and is a bit more unique than those mass-cast alternatives you find at the county fair:

That’s it for tutorials for now.

However, Rings & Things does have a bunch of other jewelry-making components that are guy-friendly, including…

Money Clip Blanks – for soldering, gluing or etching

Have fun creating stuff!


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