Spacer Beads in Jewelry

December 27, 2018

Do you have a favorite spacer bead? What is your go-to for your bead stringing? My favorite is…

Glass! Glass beads of all sizes make perfect spacers. Beads come in a myriad of colors, finishes and shapes and are a fun, flexible and cost effective option for your jewelry designs. Glass can add a touch of shine, a matte contrast, a distinct texture or just provide space needed to highlight other beads.

The free jewelry project, Two-Hole Rulla Wrap Bracelet (shown above) includes two different glass beads and a metal button.

Invest in a stash of beautiful glass beads that includes your favorite hues, basic shades and some metallics. Delicate metal-toned seed beads look great partnered with tiny gemstones.

The daisy spacer is a perennial favorite for bead stringing. Other shapes of metal beads to consider for your jewelry designs include the hogan (similar to a bicone shape), the wavy disk (great when layered together in sets of 3 or 4), flat, round heishi-style beads, triangle heishi beads, cubes, rondelle nuggets and simple round beads.

Metal spacer beads can also be used to provide variety, texture and shimmer to your designs featuring metal, leather and chain.

The free project, Lotus Flower Yoga Stretch Bracelet (shown above) has been very popular. The design uses two sizes of metal nugget heishi beads as well as smaller rondelle metal beads to balance round gemstones and rosewood mala beads. The rosewood beads also work well with aromatherapy oils.

A mix of metal beads, natural materials and Swarovski Crystal make a funky memory wire bracelet. Crystals, as spacers, in this design provide a nice contrast, a touch of light and color.

A strand of gemstones partnered with a few Swarovski Crystal bicone beads make a pretty garnet necklace.

Whatever your spacer bead preference…

Have fun playing with color and texture in your designs!

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