Celtic Heart Choker Necklace Tutorial

March 8, 2019

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day or just your love of all things Irish with this classic style choker necklace featuring a Celtic heart charm from TierraCast’s Celtic Collection. Just follow the step-by-step image tutorial to make this classic-style necklace. Here is how:

I asked the official “word weaver” of Rings & Things (who will remain nameless) to write a limerick in honor of this Irish-themed jewelry project. He worked his magic and soon after presented this verse:

There once was an elegant choker
That easily surpassed mediocre
And the knot in its heart
Only love will impart…

The fifth and final line went the way of most limericks and cannot be printed here; but suffice it to say, he nailed it. Feel free to make up your own line and share it in the blog post comments.

Here are the instructions for making the “Love of the Irish” Choker Necklace:

You will need the following supplies:

The Celtic Heart Charm comes in three different plated finishes: antiqued gold, antiqued copper, and antiqued silver. This charm available in a large size for necklaces and a small size for bracelets.

The 2mm Greek Leather is available in an ample selection of colors:
  • red * turquoise * burgundy * royal blue
  • dark purple * ocean blue * black * brown
  • olive * natural * tobacco * khaki

You will need the following tools (and other supplies):

Use sharp scissors to cut three leather strands to length. When figuring your finished choker length, take into consideration that the finishing findings will add an extra 1-1/2″. For a finished 18″ choker, I cut my leather to 16-1/2″.

Add a jump ring to the Celtic heart charm. Be sure to twist the jump ring opened and closed, this will maintain its round shape.

Laying out your parts prior to assembly prevents design accidents. (Once the center crimps are crimped, you can’t undo them.)

String on three large-hole metal spacer beads, followed by the Celtic heart charm, and then three more large-hole spacer beads.

Center the beads and charm on the leather cording.

Match up the leather cord ends on each side of the necklace. Use low-tack painter’s tape to hold the bundled leather strands together.

Slide a center-crimp with loop onto one side of the necklace. The ends of the cording should match the top rim of the center crimp tube.

Use chain-nose pliers to securely crimp the center-crimp portion of the tube. Flip the piece and crimp from the other side of the tube. Repeat this process with the second side of the necklace. Remove the tape.

Lay out the findings for the clasp: center-crimp with loop, jump ring, hook clasp, jump ring, and center-crimp with loop.

Use a jump ring to attach the hook clasp to the necklace’s end loop. Again, be sure to twist the jump ring opened and closed.

Attach a jump ring to the necklace’s other end loop. This ring will receive the hook clasp.

Center-crimp findings make it easy to create a secure clasp assembly for single and multi-strand cording necklaces.

The finished necklace is ready to wear.

“Love of the Irish” Choker Necklace by Rings & Things’ designer Mollie Valente.


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