Rings & Things Design Gallery Gemstone Bracelets

April 19, 2019

The Rings & Things Design Gallery is the place to go for inspiration. You will find hundreds of free jewelry designs that include both the instructions for making each project, and a list of the tools and suggested supplies that you will need. And there are designs that will appeal to both the skilled jewelry maker and beginners.

Here are a sampling of my favorite strung gemstone bracelet projects. Just click any jewelry image pictured below for detailed project instructions and supply list.


Stretch Bracelets

Stretch bracelets are among the easiest jewelry to make and require few tools. In most cases you are just stringing beads and charms on to stretch cording and finishing with a surgeon’s knot. This method of bracelet making is used for making the popular “Yoga-style” bracelets.

“Lotus Flower” Yoga Bracelet

“Gentle Souls” Bracelet 4

“Awake and Attentive Aromatherapy” Bracelet


Beading Wire Bracelets

Beading wire is a traditional method of stringing beads. Beading wire is actually a cable made of multiple strands of wire that are covered with a smooth finish coating. Because the wire is semi-stiff, no needle is required to string beads. And because of its strength, it is a great choice for gemstone beads. The wire can be finished with crimp beads, wire protectors, and a large selection of jewelry clasps.

“Black Bandit” Bracelet

“Sand and Sea” Gemstone Jewelry

“Berries and Cream” Bracelet Tutorial


Leather Bracelets

Leather with gemstone beads is a popular combination for making bracelets. Leather combines well with large-hole gemstones for stringing, or you can make the popular wrapped bracelets with gemstones lashed to the leather using beading thread. Leather bracelets are easily finished by knotting on a button or clasp.

“Belle Starr” Leather and Turquoise Bracelet

“Dragonfire” Men’s Wrapped Bracelet

“Tranquil Spangle Bracelet” Bracelet


Here are a few other categories from the Rings & Things Design Gallery to enjoy


Make things!



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