The 15-Minute Earring Tutorial

May 3, 2019

Do you have 15 extra minutes? Then you have time to make a new pair of earrings! Just combine your favorite decorative connector links with Swarovski crystal pendants to create these fast and easy earrings.

You will need these supplies:

You will need these tools:

Jewelry Tool Spotlight

EURO TOOL Glitter, Four-Piece Set

4-piece 4.5″ Glitter Line™ EURO TOOL® basic jewelry tool set with roll-up purple pouch. Includes chain-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and semi-flush side cutters. These comfortable pliers, with glittery PVC grips, have fine, precision ground tips and double-leaf springs. Box-joint construction.

Lay out your components in the order of constructions. For the TierraCast connectors, I pivoted the links so the two pieces form a sort of Yin-and-Yang pattern.

Use a jump ring to connect the crystal pendant to the lower hole in the connector link. I prefer to use two pair of pliers for this task; both flat-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers. This way I have better grip on the jump ring and non-serrated flat-jawed pliers are less likely to leave marks.

When you open and close jump rings, twist ends instead of “ovaling” them.
This keeps their round shape better, which makes them easier to close neatly and securely.

A perfectly closed jump ring should have just the slightest visible seam where the two ends come together. There shouldn’t be any jagged edge where the ends meet

French hook ear wire loops open and close in the same twisting action as jump rings. With a bead-adorned ear wire, you can use the edge of your flat-nose pliers to keep the beads in place.

String the upper hole of the connector on to the open ear wire loop. (Use your fingers to hold the bead adornments above the loop.) Also, don’t get confused, this TierraCast connector link is decorative on both sides! I preferred the “leafy” patterned side, but you could use the “double-swirl” patterned side instead.

Use flat-nose pliers combined with chain-nose pliers to close the ear wire loop.

Repeat the steps to make the second earring.

“Emerald City” Earrings by Rings & Things designer Mollie Valente.


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