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Make a Tassel Necklace with Prayer Beads

November 10, 2015

People use Mala necklaces for both spirituality and fashion, and making a Mala tassel necklace with prayer beads can be easy and fun! The use of Malas or “meditation garlands” in prayer dates back 3,000 years. Traditional Malas consist of 108 prayer beads, including “marker” beads, plus a larger “summit” or “guru” bead.  During meditation, a mantra or prayer is recited 108 times — once per bead. The marker beads serve as a point to re-focus, if necessary, and the summit bead is a beginning and ending point. When you make your own DIY Mala necklace, you can incorporate gemstone beads with properties that benefit you (or your family, friends, and customers). You can also use charms with symbols of your choice and colors with special meanings. Read on for full instructions. Continue Reading…

DIY Wire Wrapped Briolette Earrings

July 31, 2015

Want a simple and versatile earring design that you can replicate over and over again? This wire-wrapped briolette earring design can be used for any tip-drilled teardrop beads or briolettes. That’s what makes these some of my favorite earrings to make! The result is simple yet can look dramatically different depending on what colors and gemstone beads or crystal pendants you choose.
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Easy DIY Long Bohemian Gemstone Necklace

July 29, 2015

Long pendant necklaces have been very in style the last couple of years.  Whenever I go into a trendy boutique, the displays always have several of these necklaces layered over bohemian chic clothing. I decided I had better make one myself! You can use any large gemstone, your choice of chain and charm. I like the antique brass finish the best. This project is really quick and easy, but turns out very elegant!

DIY Etched Bullet Necklaces

June 23, 2015

I have noticed bullet casing jewelry trending for awhile now. And I love it! It has a rustic, masculine feel. I also love etching metal with ferric chloride acid, something I have been doing for the last couple of years.  Etching bullet casings seemed like the next logical step. I thought they would be a great gift for Dad (or Mom, depending on how you make them)! So round up your bullet casings and let me show you how to make these awesome necklaces!

Planet Earth Earrings

March 24, 2015

Earth Day is just around the corner! And the timing couldn’t be better! We just got in the new TierraCast Earth Buttons and I thought some planet Earth earrings would be perfect! Check out below how easy these earrings are to make!

DIY Rose Quartz Healing Necklace

February 6, 2015

Rose quartz is a such a beautiful stone, pale pink and translucent. I have recently had customers for my personal business requesting more rose quartz jewelry due to the healing powers of this stone. When I looked into it, I discovered that rose quartz is a stone that promotes unconditional love and healing from emotional trauma (such as heartbreak). How perfect for Valentine’s Day!

DIY: Funky Bohemian Turquoise Spike Jewelry Set

February 3, 2015

I love the look of turquoise! I always have. It is very bohemian and hippie chic. Recently, while watching The Bachelor (we all have our guilty pleasures) I noticed that one of the girls was wearing jewelry containing the very turquoise magnesite spikes that we carry at Rings & Things! So I decided to make my own copycat version of her designer jewelry. It was super easy!

How to transform gemstone donuts into simple earrings and necklaces!

November 25, 2014

Gemstone donuts come in a variety of stones and sizes!
I love gemstones in all shapes, sizes and colors! But recently, I have been having fun with one shape in particular, gemstone donuts. They are round, washer-shaped gemstones, with a hole in the center. They come in a variety of sizes, from dime sized, to palm sized! They also come in a variety of stones.
One nice thing about the gemstone donut, is that since there is a large area, you can really see some of the intricate veining and patterns on some of the jasper and agates.  Plus, they are fairly inexpensive, so you can make a pair of earrings or a necklace for just a few bucks!

Some of the different stones offered at Rings & Things!
While Rings & Things does sell a variety of donut bails, I prefer to make my own with a simple wire wrapping technique. Then I can quickly convert donuts into earrings or necklace pendants.
All you need to get started is:

All you need to turn these gemstones into jewelry! Wire (I used 22-gauge solid copper wire), chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and side cutters.

To create a simple wire wrapped bail, simply follow the steps in these pictures!

Wrap your wire around the the gemstone donut, through the hole, 3 to 5 times. Use about a foot of wire to start.

Use your chain nose pliers to pinch the two ends the the wire flush.

Use your round nose pliers to create a loop about 1/4 to 1/2 inch up from the base of the gemstone.

Holding the piece with the round nose pliers, wrap the two pieces of wire down to the gemstone donut. It can be a little messy.

For a thicker wire wrapped bail, you can then wrap back up towards the loop.

Use your side cutters to clip the wires as flush as possible.

Use your chain nose pliers to “smoosh” any tail left from cutting the wire. You should be able to run your finger across where the ends are without feeling any snag.

Here are several donuts, that I wrapped with that simple technique. The small ones on the outside were done with silver filled wire instead of copper wire.

After you have wrapped them, you can attach them to chain to make a necklace. Small 15mm and 20mm donuts are perfect to attach to earring hooks for making simple gemstone earrings.
I personally am partial to antiqued copper, so I antiqued my wire work with a liver of sulphur solution. It is very easy to do on bare copper, silver filled or sterling silver wire. Simply mix a small amount of the liver of sulphur gel with hot tap water. It will make a yellow, stinky solution that will oxidizes your metal to a dark, almost black color. Then you can polish the wire work with polishing pads, to take off some of the antiquing.

Jumbo 50mm green jade donut necklace!

Dainty 15mm blue goldstone donuts wrapped in silver filled wire. Perfect little earrings!

Three necklaces using gemstone donuts. Left to right, a 25mm Leopardskin Jasper donut, a 50mm jumbo donut and a 25mm Pyrite donut with a 28mm bronze shade Swarovski crystal spike.

Chinese turquoise donuts make sweet little earrings!

Well, I hope I have shed some light onto a new shape of gemstone for your creations! The possibilities are endless when it comes to gemstone donuts! 15mm-20mm donuts make great earrings, 25mm-40mm donuts make great necklace focals, and jumbo 50mm donuts are great for long pendant necklaces! Mix in some crystals and other beads, and you’ll be creating new, affordable jewelry for weeks!