More bottle-cap jewelry designs!

March 15, 2011

Did you catch the bottle-cap jewelry we recently featured? (It’s cute!) It shows off three techniques–packing tape, glass tiles, and epoxy stickers.

Here’s another take: using resin in bottle caps. Over to designer Rita…

Crowned bracelet

CROWNED bracelet

What you need for the “Crowned” bracelet:

Qty. Stock # Name
3 each #55-075-17-43 Bottle cap, 17mm (chrome)
3 each #55-075-32-43 Bottle cap, 32mm (chrome)
3 each #83-220-25-02 1″ round epoxy stickers, Nostalgic 2
1 each #40-337-9 Bracelet blank, 7.2″, disk and loop, hammered oval (black gunmetal)

Tools and supplies:
3 buttons (artist’s stash)
Magic-Glos UV resin (#82-501-01)
UV Light (#82-593)
Epoxy 330 (#60-230)

* Seal buttons inside mini bottle caps first.
* Glue bottle caps to bracelet blank.
* Then apply epoxy stickers.

Milky Way cufflinks

MILKY WAY cufflinks

To make the “Milky Way” cuff links:

Qty. Stock # Name
2 each #55-075-17-43 Bottle cap, 17mm (chrome)
2 each # Cuff link, 10mm pad (white)

Tools and supplies:
Images from scrapbooking paper
Clear packing tape
Hypo cement (#
Magic-Glos UV resin (#82-501-01)
UV light (#82-593)
Epoxy 330 (#60-230)

* Cut image to size.
* Seal with packing tape and cut out.
* Adhere to bottle cap with hypo cement.
* Apply UV resin.
* Attach cufflink findings with epoxy.

How Many Stars clip


Materials Rita suggests for the “How Many Stars” clip:
Qty. Stock # Name
1 #46-881-266-3 Amate Studios™ 26mm bottle cap bezel pendant, silver plate
2 #28-333-89 lampwork glass chili pepper beads, red
12″ #47-036 22-gauge round wire, silver plate (cut two 6″ pieces)
2 #37-167-3 8mm round jump rings, silver plate
1 #30-620-50-3 31x15mm oval swivel clip, silver plate
1 #82-500-08 8oz EasyCast epoxy resin kit

Tools and supplies:
colored craft paper
Mod Podge®
resin mixing set (#82-599)
antacid tablet (!)
flat-nose pliers (#65-080)

* Seal the front and back of paper with Mod Podge to prevent the color from bleeding. Glue this to the bottom of the bezel cup to prevent it from floating.

* Coat the antacid tablet with Mod Podge to prevent it from dissolving in the resin.

3 Bonus Tips!

Tip 1: For additional details about techniques used in these designs, see the technique sheet: Gluing Hints for Metal Findings

Tip 2: View free jewelry-making technique sheets (PDF files) for scads of designs like these!

(You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it free here.)

Tip 3: …Secret…a whole nother kind of bottle-cap jewelry is coming soon to Ring s & Things’ online store…

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