Easy DIY Long Bohemian Gemstone Necklace

July 29, 2015
DSCN7876 (1280x960)

Long pendant necklaces have been very in style the last couple of years.  Whenever I go into a trendy boutique, the displays always have several of these necklaces layered over bohemian chic clothing. I decided I had better make one myself! You can use any large gemstone, your choice of chain and charm. I liked the antique brass finish the best. This project is really quick and easy, but turns out very elegant! Continue Reading…

Green Patina Floral Copper Cuff

July 21, 2015
DSCN7790 (1280x960)

I love making my own cuff bracelets. It is really quite easy and there are so many option! The copper strips come in a package of six and are 6 inches by 1 inch, the perfect size. You can hammer them, stamp them, rivet on them, patina them. The possibilities are endless! I decided I wanted to make some that had a country chic look, floral and green. It was really fun, and quite easy! See below how. Continue Reading…

Swarovski Crystal Prism Necklace

July 7, 2015

I recently discovered these Swarovski prisms! We have carried them at Rings & Things for years, but somehow I overlooked them. They are leaded glass crystal, so they are very sparkly and pick up all the colors of the rainbow! And, they are safe to wear in jewelry. This necklace combines 3 sizes of Swarovski prism spears on long antique brass chain. While it is a very simple project to recreate, the final result is anything but simple! It is quite fancy indeed! See how to make this project below! Continue Reading…

Long Chandelier Tassel Chain Earrings

July 2, 2015
DSCN7593 (1280x960)

I like chandelier earrings. I like tassel earrings. So of course, I love combining these two styles into some dramatic long chain tassel chandelier earrings! And because I always have to have a little “bling” (do people still say that?), I added some sparkly Swarovski crystals to them to finish the look! They are quite easy to create. Learn how below! Continue Reading…

DIY Etched Bullet Necklaces

June 23, 2015

I have noticed bullet casing jewelry trending for awhile now. And I love it! It has a rustic, masculine feel. I also love etching metal with ferric chloride acid, something I have been doing for the last couple of years.  Etching bullet casings seemed like the next logical step. I thought they would be a great gift for Dad (or Mom, depending on how you make them)! So round up your bullet casings and let me show you how to make these awesome necklaces! Continue Reading…

DIY: Greek Leather and Jump Ring Sparkly Necklace Project

June 18, 2015
DSCN7389 (1280x960)

Jump rings are designed to connect things. Connect chain to clasp. Pendants to chain. Charms to bracelets. But what you may not realize is that jump rings also make great spacers! I like to use them on leather cording to space sparkly beads or pearls. This project is really easy, fast, and great to do with beginners, as the skills required are pretty basic.  And while the skills are basic, the end result certainly is not.  These necklaces make a real statement and are great solo or layered! Continue Reading…

Swarovski and Sterling Silver Rainbow Chandelier Earrings

June 5, 2015

Swarovski never ceases to amaze me with the pretty products they put out! While lovely Swarovski Navette crystals aren’t new, they are new to me and I love them! These beautiful marquise-shaped crystals are set in a silver colored setting.  When I saw them, I knew I needed to create a project that used multiple colors in the same piece! They are just such vibrant colors. I decided to pair them with some lovely sterling silver chandelier findings! The result is beautiful! See how to make these lovely earrings below! Continue Reading…

Vintaj Flying Sparrow and Czech Glass “Put a Bird on It” Necklace

May 26, 2015
DSCN7233 (1280x960)

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I quickly became a fan of the show Portlandia. It is a comedy sketch show on IFC (the Independent Film Channel), and all the characters are representative of the eccentric people that live in Portland, Oregon. In the first season, there was a famous sketch called, “Put a Bird on It” where two characters go around putting birds on everything and selling it as art. It is one of my favorite sketches! So when I made this necklace, I used that episode as inspiration! Continue Reading…