How to coordinate colors…automatically

June 13, 2011

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”This one put a song in my head: “…Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin’ wheel spin!” “]

How to coordinate colors…automatically: “Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin’ wheel spin!”


Don’t be seen on that painted pony without coordinating the colors!

Swarovski’s “Create Your Style” program introduces a brilliant–and fun–color tool:



(Cue the calliope music, as you head off to play Color Carousel at Rings & Things’ website) 🙂

Creative Community: Rings & Things at the Great Spokane Art Party 2011

May 17, 2011

The slogan for the 2011 Great Spokane Art Party “Eat, Drink and Be Artsy” was very fitting! Saturday, May 7 was a fun-filled evening of delicious food, tasty wine and hands-on art. This inspiring fundraiser benefits Blueprints for Learning, a non-profit organization working to increase the quality of early child care and education in our community and the Community Building Children’s Center.

At the event, several talented local artists mentor participants in creating collage magnets, handmade clay tiles, watercolor paintings, printed silk scarves, mono-prints, handmade paper, stick puppets, felt beads, jewelry and more. Rings & Things has participated in the event since its inception.

At the sold-out event this year, we created nearly 180 individual pieces of jewelry! The project was interchangeable magnetic jewelry using buttons made by Justin East.

Russ and Dee donated the findings for the project, and various Rings & Things staffers and their friends worked the event. If you are interested in participating in this event next year, or in other community projects in the Spokane area, let us know!

Next on the calendar is the ‘Make It Art’ booth for kids at ArtFest. Also, please contact Russ if you’d like to help with recycling at ArtFest (June 3-5, 2011). Every year he coordinates the recycling efforts at this and many other community events!

Local art perched on mountains of recycling!

Design challenge: who won?

May 4, 2011

Thanks to a couple hundred 🙂 of you guys for jumping in on our latest Design Challenge: brushed copper beads! *And welcome to you visitors from the Rings & Things News Flash email!*

From the dozen or so
brushed copper bead recipients, Rings & Things received dozens of awesome photos showing what they designed.

The grand prize winner is Kym Hunter! Kym built this simple but wonderful ring.

Front view (showing the flower bead)

We loved the simplicity, cleverness and cuteness of Kym’s ring! Besides two brushed copper beads (puffed flower and striped disk), Kym used just a couple of pieces of felt and some copper wire–to great effect.

…to be announced very very soon…

See Kym’s other brushed-copper bead creations at the original Design Challenge blog post. They’re in a photo gallery there with everyone else’s entries.

Don’t miss out! You’ll find jewelry there like Melissa Meman’s drape earrings, inventively using the small brushed disk beads (which she oxidized) as vertical design elements .

I promise you’ll have a great time browsing the photos 🙂 Thanks for sending a friend the link, to share & enjoy!

Tell a friend: SALE

April 27, 2011


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Here’s a simple game of “pass it along”:

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Trendspotting: Tiny pearls! I mean really tiny!

April 26, 2011

As the pearl buyer at Rings & Things, I’ve been told for the last 2-3 years that pearls smaller than 6mm are getting harder to find. So imagine how excited I was to see these sweet 2mm pearls!?

Tiny 2mm freshwater potato pearl beads - stock item 20-632-011

Tiny 2mm freshwater potato pearl beads

I bought several colors in 2mm. Our #20-632-011 is the white version. These are so sweet! A tiny potato pearl.

Plus I found a 3mm potato in white, #20-633-011:

3mm cultured freshwater pearl beads - stock item 20-633-011

3mm cultured freshwater pearl beads

and a 2-2.5mm rice shape in white, #20-612-011:

2mm cultured freshwater rice pearls

2mm cultured freshwater rice pearls

I’m not sure if I can always get them, but for now… I’m just trying to think of something to make with them. What would you design with tiny pearls?

–Karin Davis, gemstone buyer

Tuesday Tunes

April 19, 2011

I didn’t want you to miss the Tuesday Tunes I’ve been putting up on Facebook!

  1. Click the titles & the pics, you get the ♫ music video ♪ and you can browse & buy exclusive Crystal Jams Swarovski mixes…
  2. Click the Share buttons, you earn karma 🙂


Bad Bad Leroy Brown, by Jim Croce: the video

Bad Bad Leroy Brown, another rockin' Crystal Jams mix of Swarovski beads--by Rings & Things



Raspberry Beret video

Raspberry Beret, another of Rings & Things' exclusive Swarovski "crystal jams"



Walking on Sunshine video

Walking on Sunshine, an exclusive Swarovski "crystal jams" mix at Rings & Things



Wasted Youth--Meat Loaf's "Everything Louder than Everything Else" video



Video of Jailhouse Rock









Karma Chameleon





Cinnamon Girl



Nights in White Satin





I Knew the Bride...



Your Designs Rock: design contest update

April 5, 2011

Interested in upcoming contests? Visit us on Facebook!

Update on Rings & Things’ design contest

While the hard work is over for the contestants of our 2011 jewelry and design contest, the work for us has just begun!

Our panel of 6 judges is busy scoring this year’s entries, based on 3 criteria:

  1. originality (creative concept)
  2. craftsmanship (skill)
  3. aesthetic appeal

Once the numbers are in, top scorers in all 3 criteria will be contacted and asked to send in their physical entries for the final judging round. (Note: we do not give out scores, so please do not contact us asking for numbers!)

We expect to contact finalists via email between April 8 and April 12. So entrants, watch your inboxes!

For those of you anxiously waiting to see if you’re moving on to the finals, rest assured that our judges know what you’re going through!

Our judges are not only active in the arts-&-crafts community, but are required to have submitted their artwork to competitive juries in the past. They know all about the sweat and mental effort each of our contestants has contributed during the past months!

For those of you who do not make the final round, keep in mind that along the way you’ve gained experience promoting yourself and your artwork—and that’s always useful experience to have!

We love seeing everyone’s creativity and hard work each year, whether it comes from Olathe, Kansas; Maple Ridge, British Columbia; Nizhny Novgorod, Russia or anywhere else your talent might reside.

Congratulations again to our 2011 Early-Bird Drawing winner Sarah Breivis of Juju by Sarah (San Francisco, CA). Click here to see the beautiful goodie bag Sarah received for getting in her entry by February 7.

PS, our New-Entrant Drawing is yet to come! All contestants who entered Your Designs Rock for the first time in 2011 have had their names put into the hat for another chance to win a hand-picked goodie bag. Watch for our New Entrant Drawing winner, along with all contest winners, the first week of June.

Till then, happy designing and keep creating with confidence!