Mermaid Seashell Earrings Tutorial

March 1, 2015

I love the beach, and anything ocean-inspired! I am constantly searching for new items that remind me of the sea. When I recently discovered these seashell brass charms, I knew they would look amazing paired with my favorite Swarovski Bermuda blue teardrops.  These earrings are easy to make and all you need is some basic hand tools. See how below!

Shimmering Mermaid Earrings

To get started, you will need the supplies below!

Materials you will need.

Cut a piece of wire about 18 inches long. String the crystal on the wire about 3 inches.

Pinch the wire tight against the crystal using chain nose pliers.

Wrap the longer piece of the wire around the short piece and down the length of the crystal.

After you wrap down the wire, wrap back up the the crystal, over the top of the your existing wire. Secure the longer piece of wire to the shorter piece of wire by wrapping it tightly at the top.

Cut the longer wire and then use your chain nose pliers to pinch down the clipped wire.

Use round nose pliers to make a loop with the other piece of wire at the top of the crystal.

Wrap the wire down over the other wire 2-3 times around.

Clip the wire in on the back side of the crystal and tuck it with your chain nose pliers.

Gather all the components to make the earrings, and lay them out how you like.

Using a hand-held metal hole punch, punch holes on the bottom center of all the shells.

This is how your shells will look after you have punched all the holes.

Dip the charms into the Novacan black to antique the metal black.

Dip the wire part of the crystal into the patina solution as well.

Rinse the pieces with water and pat them dry.

Using the polishing sponge, sand the surface of the shells and the wire to remove some of the patina. This will make the details really pop.

Now you can assemble the earrings!

Using your chain nose pliers, twist the jump rings open. Add the crystal and a shell facing down, then close the jump ring.

Add another shell on top of the first one with a jump ring.

After you complete the first earring, do the same thing to the second earring.

Last stop, add the niobium earring wires. Niobium is great for people who have metal sensitivities.

Completed earrings!

Well, I hope you liked this mermaid worthy tutorial! Now I just need to get to the beach to show these off! If you like this projects, check out these other beachy designs below! ~Tiffany

















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