Make a Classic Charm Bracelet

April 14, 2015

As a child, I had a lovely charm bracelet. Every year for my birthday I would get a new charm reflecting my current interests and hobbies. I am not sure what ever happened to that bracelet, so I decided to recreate one! I collected the cutest sterling silver charms and paired them with beautiful freshwater pearls.

Old Fashioned Charm Bracelet

 Read below to learn how to make your own!

Supplies needed! Picking out the charms is the funnest part!

Supplies Needed:

Tools Needed:

Place your freshwater pearls onto the sterling silver headpins.

Using your round nose pliers, make a loop a couple millimeters up from the bead and wrap the headpin down.

Do this to all the pearls.

Clip the wire with your wire cutters as close to the pearl as possible.

Use you chain nose pliers to pinch down any tail that sticks out.

Do this to all the pearls.

Now lay out the order you would like your charms. I have them going on every other link, with the pattern of a charm, then a pearl.

Attach the unadorned bracelet to the Chain Sta. This helps make it easy to add your charms without the cable chain twisting. Use the jump rings to attach the charms.

After you have added all your charms, you can sprinkle in the pearls.

Add the pearls using the sterling silver jump rings.

Completed bracelet! I just adore this bracelet! I especially love the windmill charm because the blades actually spin!

I hope you enjoyed that charm bracelet blast from the past! I think I need to get one for my daughter now. If you want to make multiple charm bracelets, consider using bulk base metal curb chain and our large variety of base metal charms. Also, if you like that project, you may also like this funky Mardi Gras themed charm bracelet below! ~ Tiffany






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