Stampable Bar and Bead Jewelry Project

March 9, 2016

Custom jewelry is always in style. And with Mothers Day around the corner it can be a great way to make personalized gifts. ImpressArt came out with awesome stampable bars and metal beads and I just love the way they look! They really give you so many possibilities! See how easy they are to use below!

Supplies and tools!

Supplies and Tools Needed:

Now see how to do it below!

Place the metal bar or bead onto the steel block. Pick your stamps. Place the stamp onto the metal bar and hold it steady. Use your other hand to do one clean whack onto the end of the metal stamp. Make sure your stamp is facing the correct direction before hitting it with the hammer.

Stamp the word you like. I chose to stamp the name Hazel. I think that this would be a great project to make for Mother’s Day as you could stamp each child’s name on a different bar and have them on the same necklace.

Use the permanent marker or Stamp Enamel to fill in the letters.

Use the polishing pads to remove the excess ink. This will make the lettering really pop!

Completed bar pendant!

Now for the chain. Measure the chain to your desired length, standard is between 16 and 20 inches. Then cut the chain with your wire cutters.

Add a jump ring to one end of the chain. Then add the metal bar pendant to the other end of the chain.

Add the lobster clasp with another jump ring on the opposite side of chain.

Completed necklace!

You can also stamp the metal beads! I stamped LOVE.

Use the permanent marker and polishing pads to make the letters pop like you did on the bar pendant.

String the beads onto the chain the same way you did with the bar pendant.

Well I hope you love these new stampable beads and pendants as much as me! I bought some right away after playing with them. They stamp really easily and can be stamped on all sides. Happy Stamping!

♥ Tiffany

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