Cluster Shades of the Sea Mermaid Bracelet

January 13, 2015

Mermaid Cluster Bracelet

Everything you need to make this project! (plus the 1-Step Looper and a pair of chain nose pliers!)


This is the 1-Step Looper. This tool rocks! It will cut and loop the top of your headpins in all one motion.

Place 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones onto the silver plated head pins

Add 6mm faceted amazonite rounds.

Use the 1-Step Looper to cut, and loop the end of the head pins. I liked to do about 10 at a time. The bracelet itself will take about 30 amazonite loops.

The 1-Step Looper in action!

First 10 done!

A couple more rounds and I have 30 complete!

After you get 30 done with the amazonite, do the same process with the Swarovski crystal pearls.

Almost done!

Once you have 30 looped headpins each of amazonite and Swarovski crystal pearls, you can begin to assemble the bracelet!

Twist open the oval jump ring, and place one amazonite dangle and one Swarovski crystal pearl dangle.

Add a second jump ring, through the first jump ring. Now add one amazonite dangle on one side, and one pearl dangle on the other side.

Continue this process, building a chain with the oval jump rings. Oval jump rings are key here. The oval shape is good because the seam is on the side of the oval. You will never have two seams lining up, and possibly coming undone.

As the chain grows, you will begin to see the bracelet take shape.

I love the color combination!

Stop when the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist comfortably.

Now to add your clasp! For the final jump ring on each end, I only added a pearl dangle, not both pearl and amazonite. The reason for this is that you don’t want it to be too bulky near the clasp.

Twist open a jump ring and use it to attach one half of your toggle to the end of the bracelet. Repeat on the other side. Remember, do not pry the jump ring apart, but rather twist it open.

Completed bracelet! Ocean-inspired cluster bracelet fit for a mermaid!

As an added bonus, you can also double purpose this bracelet as a necklace! Simply find a silver plated chain you like and attach one more of the same toggle clasp! Pictured is #40-099-47-3 drawn cable chain.

When you want to wear it as a necklace, attach the chain! Super easy! I measured the chain at 11 inches, which made the total necklace measure around 18 inches.

Now you have a beautiful ocean-inspired necklace! Amazonite, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and Swarovski Crystals!

I hope you loved this project as much as me! Now, go create your own beautiful creation!  ♥ Tiffany

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  • Ushiku January 14, 2015 at 6:47 am

    I also did that with a bracelet that I had!
    The same thing occurred to me; I thought that would be a great idea use it as a necklace too 🙂