DIY Jewelry: Corrugate Metal with a Tube-Wringer

December 16, 2014

Adding texture to metal can add interest to your handmade jewelry, and fortunately you don’t have to own an expensive rolling mill to make cool textures in metal.  New to Rings & Things’ tool offerings is the Tube-Wringer, a hand-held tool that corrugates metal. With just a few turns of a turn key, you can expand your metalwork design possibilities!


The heavy duty Tube-Wringer will corrugate metal sheet and wire for jewelry making.
The Heavy Duty Tube-Wringer was designed to crimp the ends of tubes (think toothpaste or artist’s oil paint). Jewelry artists have adopted it as an affordable hand tool for corrugating metal. It works on metal up to 24 gauge thick and 2-1/2 inches wide.


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Tube-Wringer how-to tips:

A bit of hand strength is necessary to corrugate metal with the Tube-Wringer; here are some helpful hints to get the best results:

>> Use dead soft metal – Either buy metal that is not fully hardened off, like Vintaj Natural Brass blanks, or anneal the metal with a torch.

>> Use a lighter gauge metal – The Tube-Wringer works with metal up to 24-gauge thick, but if you’re having trouble, try a lighter gauge metal.  Light-weight metal works great for earrings, or it can be riveted or soldered onto heavier metal for pendants.

>> Use metal blanks with a thinner width–The Tube-Wringer will accommodate a piece of metal up to 2-1/2 inches wide, but the wider the metal you corrugate, the more hand strength required.

>> Wear rubber-coated work gloves – The Tube-Wringer is made of steel, which isn’t comfortable to grasp; wearing rubber-coated work gloves will improve your grip and comfort.

>> Try again – If the first time through the Tube-Wringer doesn’t produce the perfect corrugation, just line everything up and run the blank through again.

>> Follow instructions on Ganoksin to modify the Tube-Wringer:


Ready to make earrings?
Supplies to make corrugated metal earrings from
Supplies needed to make “On the Bias” Corrugated Metal Earrings include Vintaj blanks, silver-filled ear wires, antiqued-brass jump rings, TierraCast heishi beads, and glass “E” beads.


You will need these supplies:

Vintaj® Natural Brass® Metal Blanks  (I used stock #88-102-02-0)

Earring Hooks  (I used stock #34-563-20-SF)

Bulk Jump Rings  (I used stock #37-178-6)

TierraCast® Metal Heishi Beads  (I used stock #49-957-04-1)

Glass E Beads  (I used stock #23-264-401)


And you will need these tools:


bracelet bending pliers

flat-nose pliers

chain-nose pliers

Rubber Block

3M Sanding Sponges, 500-600 Grit

EURO TOOL Brilliant Polishing Cloth


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How to use corrugate metal jewelry with a tube wringer.
Step 1:  Add corrugated texture to a metal blank with the Tube-Wringer. Feed the metal blank into the tube wringer, squeeze the handle to maintain even pressure, and turn the turn knob. I angled the blank to produce diagonal lines; play around with different placement for your desired pattern.


Jewelry making DIY: polish the corrugated metal blanks with a polishing cloth.
Step 2: Create a dramatic striped pattern by polishing the high points of the corrugated blank. Working on a rubber block, first polish the corrugated metal blank with a 3M superfine grit sanding sponge and then use a Brilliant polishing cloth to make the metal shine.


How to curve metal with bending pliers from
Step 3: Add shape to the corrugated blank with bracelet bending pliers. Create a gentle curve by placing the corrugated blank in the jaw of the piers and gently squeezing; reposition the blank and repeat the process until the entire blank is curved.


Make a bead-adorned jump ring for your corrugated metal blank.
Step 4: Make a beaded ring to adorn the earring. Use jewelry pliers to open the jump ring, then add the following beads: two metal heishi beads, one glass “E” bead, and two more metal heishi beads. Securely close the jump ring.


How to make bead adorned corrugated brass earrings with a Tube-Wringer from Rings & Things.
Step 5: Assemble the first earring. Use jewelry-making pliers to twist open the hanging loop on the french hook earring finding. Add the corrugated metal blank and then the bead-adorned jump ring. Finish by closing the hanging loop on the earring. Repeat step 1-5 to make the second earring.


Tube Wringer Example Jewelry Image 2
The “On the Bias” Corrugated Earrings are ready to wear!  And chances are, you’re ready to make more corrugated metal jewelry!



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Make things! ~ Mollie
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