DIY Constellation Jewelry

February 8, 2018

Create custom pendants by setting crystal chatons in metal stamping blanks! This fun, easy, inexpensive project works well for small gatherings (bridal parties, crafternoons, solstice celebrations, baby showers, wine with friends…) Just a few supplies & three simple steps…

1) Select some metal blanks. We offer nice, mid-sized (19mm) round stamping blanks that work well as pendants and charms. Pick your favorite plating (antique copper, antique silver, antique brass or silver). A more organic shape in pewter is also a nice background for star-inspired designs. Before you set your stones, apply texture, patina or shine:

  • Texture: Blanks can be left smooth, or can be textured using a chasing hammer. To texture, use the pein (or rounded end) to hammer lightly around the edges of your piece, or for a more dramatic effect, dapple the entire surface.
  • Patina: Blanks can be oxidized or darkened using patina.
  • Shine: For an ultra shiny piece, buff and brighten using ultra polishing pads (being careful not to overpolish!)

create your own astrological pendants or constellation jewelry using crystals and basic jewelry making skills.

2) Pick a constellation and layout the stars. Clean your metal blank using rubbing alcohol. With a fine-tip black permanent marker, make dots in the pattern of your constellation on the blank. If you make a mistake, re-clean the blank and start again. Place the pendant on a metal block. Using a center punch, create a divot in the metal for each dot:

  • If you are using standard punches and a brass hammer, place punch over the dot and gently hammer one time. Check the depth of the divot. Hammer again if needed (gently). Repeat until all dots become divots. Caution: too heavy of a hammer blow and these sharp punches will go all the way through the metal.
  • If using an automatic punch, place punch over the dot and click down once. For a deeper hole, click down twice. Repeat until all dots become divots.
  • If you want to use different sized sparkling chatons in your design, use the punch to make larger holes to fit the bigger sizes.

3) Set your crystal stars! Place stones one at a time as the glue dries very quickly!. Start with the smallest size stones and select the one you want to place. With the glue applicator tip, add a little glue into the hole. Place a chaton using tweezers. Repeat until all the stones are in place. Let dry. Attach pendant to a necklace using a jump ring. Oxidized satellite chain is a favorite, antique the chain and buff just the beads to bring some sparkle!

create your own astrological pendants or constellation jewelry using crystals and basic jewelry making skills.

Parts & Supplies List:

Effects for Metal Blanks (optional):

Finishing Materials (optional):

Have fun making pendants! Happy Beading!

create your own astrological pendants or constellation jewelry using crystals and basic jewelry making skills.

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  • Ramona Davis February 9, 2018 at 7:11 am

    very neat. I have a question about the constellation charts. do you have a link where we can print one that fits the size of these pendants

    • Polly February 9, 2018 at 10:55 am

      Hi Ramona,
      Not that we found… we just eyeballed it.
      But if you decided what size you wanted the constellation to be (for example 17mm to fit inside the 19mm disk), then you could also photograph or copy the constellation images from your preferred book or location, and then scale them in photo editing program. For whichever program you have, you might need to google how to scale images to an exact mm or inch size in that program.

  • Diane Fagan February 11, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Can you use hot fix crystals instead of the chitons on these blanks?

    • Polly February 12, 2018 at 11:16 am

      Hi Diane,
      You could, but since most hotfix stones that I’m familiar with have a flat back, and won’t be sitting down into the blank a bit for safety, they are more likely to be knocked off the pendant with wear. Most of the hotfix stones I’m familiar with are larger, too, so you might want to go for one of the larger blanks to try it out with. I’d wear-test it for a while, or make sure that you let whoever receives it know that you are happy to do repairs if necessary. ~Polly