DIY Game Day Earrings

August 27, 2015

Football season has begun and whether you live in New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver, or elsewhere, we have beads to match your teams colors! I happen to live in Seattle, so I support a particular football team who’s colors are green and blue and who’s mascot is a member of the hawk family. I just had to make some earrings for game day to show my pride! These are really easy to make, and have lots of bling for the lady football fan!


Everything needed to make your DIY earrings for the big game!

Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

Now follow these simple steps below:

Cut two pieces of the 18 gauge wire about 4 inches long each.

Use your round nose pliers to make a large round loop in the wire. String on the crystal and secure it by wrapping the wire around several times.

Do this with both crystals. Cut the excess wire, and use your chain nose pliers to tuck down any leftover wire tail.

Add two green beads, two royal blue beads, then two more green beads.

Wire wrap loops at the top of the earrings. Trim the excess wire and tuck any tail left behind.

Now to assemble the feathers and earring wires.

First attach the earring wires.

Attach the feathers to the earring wires with jump rings.

Now you are ready for the big game!

I hope you liked these game day earrings! They’re the perfect accessory for all my new football gear!

Keep on creating!

♥ Tiffany

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