DIY Team Spirit Earrings

August 31, 2015

With football season fast approaching, it’s time to break out your team spirit! Colorful jewelry that shows off team colors will make it easy for everyone to know who you’re cheering for! Simply swap out the Swarovski crystal colors to make earrings that support your favorite team!

1280 1

With just a few supplies you can show off your team spirit.

Supplies Needed

Now follow the steps below!

1280 2

First take a 4 inch piece of wire and wrap it through the hole of your crystal spike 3 times.

1280 3

Wrap the short piece of wire around the longer piece of wire 3 to 4 times. Cut off any excess wire on the short piece leaving just a long piece of wire.

1280 4

Use your round nose pliers to make a loop. Secure the loop by wrapping your wire down to the crystal and then back up to your loop.

1280 5

Trim any excess wire and tuck your end into the loop.

1280 6

Your crystal spike should look like this when finished.

1280 7

Follow the above steps to wrap your second crystal.

1280 8

Now you will add one 4mm crystal bicone onto one of your ball-end headpins.

1280 9

Using your round nose pliers, make a loop and wrap the remaining wire down to your crystal.

1280 10

Clip any excess.

1280 11

Repeat until you have all 24 crystal bicones wrapped.

1280 12

Open all of your jump rings.

1280 13

Add 4 of your handmade crystal charms onto a jump ring and attach the jump ring to one of your spikes.

1280 14

Add another jump ring with 4 crystals in your second color. Leave 2 of the crystals you previously added on each side.

1280 15

Add one more jump ring and 2 crystals in each color.

1280 16

Repeat for the second earring, then add earring hooks at the top and you’re done!

1280 17

I hope to see tons of team spirit this year!

I hope you enjoy making these earrings in your team colors! ~ Always, Kayla

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