This just in: update on tube-top bails!

October 22, 2008

Rings & Things has designed a fresh, new alternative to glue on Aanraku bails!

Our Fall Supplement announces the new, R&T-exclusive plated tube-top bails as “now available online” (page F-2). They are not available, yet…

The tube-top bails were supposed to be in our warehouse by October 1. Due to a manufacturing delay (plating them) they are yet to be received. They may ship in time for us to have them in stock on Halloween.

In the meantime here’s the latest news about the tube-top bails:

  • We’re keeping a list of customers who are interested in these bails. (You can’t pre-order them, but you can have first crack when they come in.) Call our awesome sales people at (800) 366-2156 to be added to the list!
  • The bails now have stock numbers (and extended descriptions) in our online store:

So you can search for these bails in our store and get more information on them.

We know how eagerly people are awaiting the tube-top bails. Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have them. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, and for your understanding!

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