"Creative earning" indeed

January 26, 2009

We thought the title of a blog post by Akaiya was perfect. She called entering jewelry / design contests
Creative Earning.
That really conveys the benefits you can get out of Rings & Things’ ”
Your Designs Rock!” contest (entries accepted Feb. 1-28)…

The obvious payoff is that you win prizes that are worth money. The least you could win in our design contest is $75 of Rings & Things credits, and you could win as much as $750 of credits!

But don’t forget, you’ll also get lots of publicity. Like Lynn Kvigne, who created the
Owl’s Eyes bracelet, you could find your
featured in Rings & Things’ catalog
. Along with your name. ?? That means exposure to literally millions of eyeballs. You can figure out how valuable that is!

And as we like to say, you can turn right around and use that publicity in your own marketing. Zoya Gutina recently did this when she created a
wonderful slideshow
about how she created the
Mermaid’s Garden necklace.

This was her first-prize winning seed bead design in our 2008 contest. Now Zoya is building on the interest in her necklace by turning it into a tutorial on her blog.
The possibilities go on from there…how about touting your accomplishments in your own advertising? “As seen in Rings & Things’ catalog” might make a powerful tagline.

So pick out your best design, take a good photo of it and enter Your Designs Rock! 2009. We’re looking forward to a great crop of creations this year!

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