The Spokane keychain experiment

October 28, 2009

Strung on #61-723-49-02 Beadalon, this keychain held up in daily use for over 2 years!

Rita's keys

How burly is your Beadalon?

This is a nice testament to the durability of the stringing materials you can buy here. 🙂 Thanks to Rita who works here, for pointing out that you can learn from broken jewelry too!

FYI, the big cool bead is #28-900-01-01 (George O’Grady borosilicate glass). It’s been restrung on #40-099-28-3 beading chain, finished off with a #41-151-99-20-3 crimp tube at one end and #41-256-02-3 crimps at the other end. The crimp at the end of the tassel is covered with a crimp cover from the #48-289-00-3 set. The clip itself isn’t ours, but is similar to our new #30-610-01-1 teardrop clip.

By the way, here's "Mark 2" :)

By the way, here’s “Mark 2” 🙂

Dare to share — have a jewelry failure that we can learn from? Spill it in a comment here!

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