Skulls sell

March 10, 2010

Not an op-ed piece. A tip from actual jewelry sellers!

Skulls sell!

Antonio's gemstone skull necklace

The magic words: “Can I buy that from you?”

Skull beads, that is.

I work with Antonio. We were at R&T’s bead show the other day, and Antonio pointed out a strand of big gemstone skulls.

“I made a necklace with those, and people were walking up to me in Seattle asking to buy it off my neck.

So Antonio bought another strand at the bead show! 🙂

Skull beads are a “thing” right now. If you dig ’em, or your customers do, then you’ve got to check out lampwork glass sugar skulls (etc.) —



–and new Viva Mexicana skull charms.

Also available in silver tone

Also available in silver tone

There’s time to order these and make fun styles before Cinco de Mayo. Wrap your cranium around that 🙂

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